Lawn Weed Control Service in Westlake

Are you frustrated that you can’t enjoy having a green, lush lawn in Westlake because of the presence of pesky weeds? At Lawn Doctor of Avon-North Ridgeville, our lawn weed control services can help you get rid of weeds to reveal the healthy yard of your dreams. Our experts provide lawn care assistance for homeowners throughout the Westlake area, including Avon, Rocky River, North Ridgeville, North Olmsted, Avon Lake, Bay Village, and the surrounding communities.

How Lawn Weed Control in Westlake Can Help You

Pretty Woman playing with cute puppy on manicured green grass showing lawn weed control in Westlake

Weeds are simply plants that grow anywhere there is dirt and sunlight, easily taking root in your yard or garden. As weeds take over your property, they give your grass less room to grow and fewer nutrients to utilize, negatively impacting the health of your turf and causing serious damage if left untreated. We help deal with weed infestations and prevent future ones from occurring with our lawn weed control services in Westlake.

Our services at Lawn Doctor of Avon-North Ridgeville easily conquer the two types of weeds that tend to grow in the Westlake area: broadleaf weeds, such as dandelions and wild violet, and grassy weeds, such as crabgrass. Weeds can grow both annually and perennially. Annual weeds are able to grow multiple times in one year and are typically brought to your property by hitching a ride with birds or on a gust of wind. Perennial weeds, on the other hand, establish roots in your yard and can stick around for several seasons. These can be especially difficult to do away with as the entire plant must be removed, including the roots, to prevent it from growing back.

Our lawn care experts at Lawn Doctor of Avon-North Ridgeville take several factors into account when coming up with your lawn weed control plan in the Westlake area. Effective treatments vary for different types of weeds, and there are also different seasons during the year in which weed control will be most effective depending on the specific plants you’re dealing with. We’ll analyze your yard to come up with a plan that can include both pre-emergent weed control and the removal of existing weeds. We may also take preventative measures to keep weeds from taking over your yard in the future.

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