Lawn Fertilization & Weed Control


We Eat Dandelions for Breakfast.

From fertilization to weed control our local experts can help keep every inch of your lawn looking lush and beautiful.

If you want a healthy, green lawn that is a neighborhood showplace, it takes more than watering and mowing it regularly. Fertilization is necessary, in order for your lawn to grow and thrive. Lawn Doctor of Fairfield County and Westchester County can help you get your lawn in the best shape of its life with our customized lawn fertilization services. Every passer-by will marvel at your green thumb!

Why You Need Professional Fertilization Services in Stamford

Fertilizer provides the needed nutrients for your lawn to grow lush and green. Without it, the grass is unlikely to grow healthy and full. It may also not be as green as you want it to be.

Optimal fertilization results occur when the product is applied accurately, with correct amounts evenly. If coverage is inconsistent, growth will be as well, making your lawn look sloppy.

Too much fertilization also has its negative impact, including causing thatch buildup that can, among other things, harbor large populations of disease-causing organisms and insects, causing an increase in pest problems in your yard. Applying too much fertilizer can have a potentially negative environmental impact, such as an overgrowth of algae and aquatic weeds caused by the fertilizer runoff, which can damage wildlife and greenery.

The fertilizer that the Lawn Doctor professionals apply is a slow release product, which means that your lawn will get the nutrients it needs over time. In particular, this provides a small but steady supply of nitrogen – the nutrient responsible for green growth and optimized health, which reduces the risk of disease and fungus growth.

For the individual needs of your lawn, we offer Custom Lawn Care Services. Whatever issues your lawn may have, we know the right applications to address them, factoring in your location and grass type..

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Why Let Lawn Doctor of Fairfield County and Westchester County Fertilize Your Lawn?

Lawn Doctor of Fairfield County and Westchester County offers fertilizer applications that are environmentally friendly. Our Turf Tamer® lawn equipment treats every inch of your lawn with just the right amount of fertilizer, ensuring even coverage, and helping you get the lawn of your dreams.

Our Natural Fertilization Services

Using a natural fertilizer can stimulate natural soil life, strengthen your lawn’s natural defense systems, lowers drought stress and improve overall root growth. If you want to use a more organic or natural fertilizer treatment for your lawn, Lawn Doctor of Fairfield County and Westchester County can help. Our natural fertilizer can also help your lawn grow and thrive without environmental risks.

The Lawn Hybrid Fertilization Program

Our local lawn experts can give you a one-time solution, but what we really want to achieve is never-ending lawn perfection. Lawn Doctor’s Hybrid Program offers a regular, fertilization program that will keep your grass lush, thick as well as disease and weed-free.

Since our fertilization programs are aimed at fulfilling the requirements of your individual lawn, the timeframe for treatments is not exact.  Unlike other fertilizing companies, we design a fertilization program for your lawn’s specific needs.  A typical yard requires 6-8 applications of fertilization each year.

Ask a Lawn Doctor Professional to Manage Your Lawn Fertilization

No matter what shape your lawn is in, we can help. Ask Lawn Doctor of Fairfield County and Westchester County about our fertilization services and available treatments. Call us today for a Free Quote.