All-Natural Tick Control for Lansdale & East PA

Protecting your lawn and your family against ticks is more important than ever. As one of the most common and stubborn disease-carrying lawn pests, ticks can present major health risks to adults, children, and pets alike. For superior, year-round protection, turn to the Lansdale area’s local lawn care experts at Lawn Doctor of Haverford Township-Tredyffrin. With our exclusive Yard Armour system, we’ll provide your yard with tick prevention, tick control, and tick maintenance, allowing you to limit and reduce existing tick populations while preventing the rise of new ones.

The Importance of Tick ControlYard Armour® – Tick control

In the lawn care industry, few pests pose as big of a nuisance and danger as ticks. As carriers of diseases like Lyme Disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, ticks can send people and pets to the hospital with a single bite. These tiny parasites can easily infiltrate an unprotected lawn, often by hitching a ride on an unsuspecting animal – such as a deer, mouse, or rabbit. Ticks not only find their way into your lawn easily, their bites can often go undetected for several hours or even days.

The Lansdale Area’s Tick Control Experts

Lawn Doctor of Haverford Township-Tredyffrin provides effective, professional all-natural tick control with our exclusive Yard Armour system. Yard Armour is carefully fine-tuned for every property we service, and combines high-strength tick treatments with strategies that keep ticks away from your property. With Yard Armour, Lansdale-area homeowners receive:Closeup picture of a tick on a green leaf

  • Tick Prevention. We apply barrier treatments to your yard and provide you with strategies that keep ticks away from your turf.
  • Tick Control. For existing tick issues, our team makes targeted treatments that immediately reduce tick populations.
  • Tick Maintenance. Our Integrated Pest Management system – part of our Lawn Maintainer suite of lawn services – protects your yard against ticks year-round.

The Lawn Doctor of Haverford Township-Tredyffrin Guarantee

You’ll enjoy peace of mind along with superior protection when you choose tick control through Lawn Doctor of Haverford Township-Tredyffrin. Our Yard Armour treatments come fully guaranteed under the strongest policy of its kind in the Lansdale area. Simply give us a call if you’re unhappy with your results, and we’ll set things right.

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