Lawn Aeration in the Toms River Area

You may have heard the term “aeration.” But if you’re like many local homeowners, you don’t know exactly what it is or how it can benefit your lawn. Lawn Doctor of the Jersey Shore is here to help. As the Toms River area’s aeration experts, we have the knowledge and experience to guide you through the process – so you can bring out the best in your lawn.

What is Aeration – and How Can it Help My Lawn?

Did you know your lawn needs to breathe in order to stay healthy? However, soil compaction from heavy foot traffic and thatch build-up can prevent your lawn from taking in enough oxygen, water, and nutrients. When this happens, roots start to suffocate – and lawns look weak and patchy with standing water that doesn’t get absorbed.

Core aeration can help with this. Using a specialized lawn aerator, plugs are cored out of your lawn, loosening compacted soil and breaking down thatch build-up. This allows for:

  • More fertilizer, heat, and water to be absorbed
  • Improved air exchange in your soil
  • A healthier environment for beneficial organisms
  • Stronger root systems with deeper growth
  • Thicker, greener grass

How Can I Tell My Lawn Needs Aeration?

If you’re not sure whether or not your lawn needs to be aerated, perform the screwdriver or shovel test. Simply take a screwdriver or shovel and try to stick it into the ground. If it’s easy, then your soil likely isn’t compacted. However, if you encounter plenty of resistance, then it’s a sign your lawn needs to be aerated.

When is Aeration Best to Perform?

As lawn care experts in the Toms River area, we know timing is everything when it comes to proper aeration. If you don’t perform aeration at the optimal time, you could wind up harming your lawn. If you have warm season grasses, aeration is best done in late spring. For cool season grasses, fall and early spring are the ideal times for aeration.

If you’re not sure what type of grass you have, don’t take chances! Leave lawn aeration to the local Toms River area experts at Lawn Doctor of the Jersey Shore. We can perform an evaluation, identify your grass type, and deliver the most effective core aeration services so you can have the yard you’ve been dreaming of. Once completed, you can expect to see a greener, thicker lawn within the weeks and months that follow.

Connecting with the Toms River Area’s Lawn Aeration Experts

Whether you live in Toms River, Eatontown, Brick, Spring Lake, Wall Township, Manasquan, or South Monmouth Shore, getting started with our lawn aeration services is easy. To schedule your free estimate, simply call Lawn Doctor of the Jersey Shore today at 732.797.2405.

Lawn Doctor’s power seeding can help prevent these issues and make sure your lawn continues to flourish year round.