Weed Control in The Hamptons: How We Can Help  

Close up of blades of grass showing weed control in The HamptonsWhen weeds grow unchecked in your lawn, they’ll crowd it out, while also absorbing nutrients, water, and other vital essentials. Over time, this not only impacts the appearance, but overall health, too. That’s where Lawn Doctor of The Hamptons comes in. As a leading provider of weed control in The Hamptons, NY, we can help you regain the upper hand against species of all kinds, getting them out of your yard. At the same time, we’ll restore health and vigor, so your lawn looks better and has more powerful natural defenses going forward. Here’s how.

Weed Control in The Hamptons in 3 Easy Steps

Weed control poses a frustrating problem for many homeowners during the growing season in The Hamptons-area. Just when you think you’ve got a handle on them, more pop up and spread. A DIY approach is rarely enough to gain total control. Instead, you need a better strategy, one that’s more comprehensive, too. You’ll get it with Lawn Doctor of The Hamptons’ Lawn Maintainer program. It focuses on your whole lawn, targeting both existing weeds and seedlings underground, as well as fortifying your grass with vitamins and minerals to help it grow stronger.

With Lawn Maintainer, you’ll get:

Regular fertilization treatments. We’ll protect your lawn and keep it strong with more resilience thanks to routine fertilization applications that consist of enriched and slow-release products.

Post-emergent control for surface weeds. When weeds are alive and well in your lawn, we’ll suppress their growth and stop them from spreading with a series of post-emergent applications.

Pre-emergent control for seedlings. We’ll also target those seedlings that are developing underground, in the early stages, when they’re more susceptible treatments. They won’t be able to mature and spread, as a result.

Turf Tamer® Equipment: For Better Weed Control Coverage

In addition to our time-tested weed control program, Lawn Doctor of The Hamptons also provides superior coverage of our products with our Turf Tamer equipment. It uses state-of-the-art technology to ensure every application is carefully and consistently distributed. You’ll therefore never see any damage to your grass; just beautiful and healthy results with every treatment.

Contact Lawn Doctor of The Hamptons today at (631) 537-7122 and set up a free consultation. We offer weed control throughout The Hamptons, NY, including in many nearby communities, such as East Hampton, Southampton, Westhampton, Moriches, Sagaponack, and the North Fork.