Fall Lawn Care in The Hamptons: Tips for a Dazzling Spring Lawn

Father and daughter playing ball on a green lawn with trees in background showing fall lawn care in The HamptonsThe heat of summer is almost behind us. Now we’re moving onto more refreshing temperatures. Not only do they feel better for you, but they provide a great time to give your lawn some extra TLC. And at Lawn Doctor of The Hamptons, we’re here to help. As fall lawn care specialists in The Hamptons, NY area, we know that by going the extra mile now, you’ll reap dazzling results in spring. Here’s how to get there:

Control broadleaf weeds. These weeds, such as dandelion, are vulnerable in fall because they’re absorbing energy to build food supplies for winter. That means the treatment you apply to their leaves will get circulated right to the root system, knocking them out in the process.

Aerate to improve soil. When your yard is host to summer playtime and parties, soil can get easily compacted. Alleviate this issue – getting more air, water, and nutrients to roots – by aerating. If grass could use a boost in terms of thickness, seed right after you aerate. Just don’t apply herbicide anywhere near where you seed.

Rake and remove leaves. That heavy layer of leaves is not only blocking out sunlight, but keeping moisture trapped, creating excellent conditions for diseases and insects. Prevent these threats by raking your lawn regularly.

Fertilize to improve growth. Your grass is hard at work during autumn. Not only is it recovering from the stress of summer heat, but also getting ready for a harsh New York winter. Give it the fuel it needs to thrive by fertilizing.

Mow and water regularly. Just because it’s fall and getting cooler outside in The Hamptons area doesn’t mean it’s time to cut down on routine lawn care tasks. Continue to mow and water until your grass goes dormant, usually around the first hard frost.

Let The Hamptons’ Fall Lawn Care Team Help

Don’t have a green thumb or the room in your busy life to tackle all these steps on your own? Turn to the fall lawn care team at Lawn Doctor of The Hamptons. While you keep up on mowing, watering and raking, we’ll analyze your turf, identify where we can make a difference, and tailor a treatment plan. Your lawn will get exactly what needs on a schedule that’s like clockwork, all so it shines next spring.

Get started today by contacting us for a free consultation. We offer fall lawn care in The Hamptons, NY area, including in East Hampton, Southampton, Westhampton, Moriches, Sagaponack, and the North Fork.