How Our Lawn Care Services in The Hamptons Fix Common Problems

Huge green backyard showing lawn care services in The HamptonsWhether it’s crabgrass and dandelion or diseases and deficiencies, these common lawn concerns can leave your lawn looking less than stellar. Instead of trying to diagnose and deal with issues on your own, turn to Lawn Doctor of The Hamptons for help. With our lawn care services, available in communities all over The Hamptons, NY, we can quickly uncover the source, develop a solution, and deliver it using quality products and cutting-edge equipment. You’ll get fast, effective fixes to turf troubles, and a beautifully transformed yard. For instance, we can assist with:

The Problem: Stunted Growth
Our Fix: When your lawn isn’t growing optimally, there could be a number of different issues at work. For instance, a nutrient deficiency or pH imbalance might be the culprit. Improper watering and mowing practices could also be contributing factors. Whatever the case, the lawn care service team at Lawn Doctor of The Hamptons can assess the situation and provide the treatments needed to get your lawn growing in the way it should. We can also walk you through the best approaches to maintaining your lawn, all to ensure it doesn’t face the same problems in the future.

The Problem: Poor Drainage
Our Fix: Seeing standing water? What about runoff? Are dandelions and moss spreading in your lawn? These are all indications soil is compacted, cutting off your lawn’s supply of oxygen, water and nutrients. Lawn Doctor of The Hamptons’ core aeration lawn care service provides the answer by removing thousands of small plugs of soil from across your yard. This alleviates compaction and opens up the pathways needed to get key resources circulating back into the soil.

The Problem: Mosquitoes & Ticks
Our Fix: These problem pests can transmit dangerous illnesses, from West Nile to Zika, putting your family at risk. But with our Yard Armour® Mosquito and Tick Control program, you can get the protection you need. It works by treating breeding areas, wiping out adult populations and suppressing eggs and larvae. Regular barrier sprays also provide a continuous shield of coverage throughout biting season.

The Hamptons’ Lawn Care Service Team: Keeping Your Yard Healthy & Strong

When you partner with the lawn care service experts at Lawn Doctor of The Hamptons, it won’t matter what kinds of pressures your yard faces from one season to the next. We know how to handle them all with the proven solutions and results you’ll love, all backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Ready to learn more? Call (631) 537-7122 for your free estimate. Lawn Doctor of The Hamptons NY offers lawn care services to customers throughout the area, including in Westhampton, Sagaponack, Southampton, Moriches, East Hampton, and the North Fork communities.