Tick Control in Springfield

Closeup picture of a tick found prior to providing Tick Control in SpringfieldWhen ticks wander into your yard, they do more than bite. They can transmit a range of serious illnesses to your family members or pets. Instead of worrying about them all season, get professional tick control from Lawn Doctor of Springfield-Lebanon-Bolivar. We offer powerful treatments in Springfield, Republic, and nearby areas in MO that keep these pests away for the whole season. You’ll simply get peace of mind with our guaranteed services.

How Our Yard Armour® Tick Control Works

Tick numbers seem to grow every year, as do the diseases they carry. Whether it’s Lyme or Rocky Mountain spotted fever, you want to protect your family from them all. Let Lawn Doctor of Springfield-Lebanon-Bolivar help with our expert Yard Armour Tick Control program.

It’s so effective because it’s comprehensive, providing ongoing protection for the whole season. It also suppresses ticks at all stages of the life cycle, giving you strong and long-lasting control. Yard Armour works in stages by:

Taking preventative steps. We’ll explain how ticks are getting into your yard and strategies to stop them. This can include erecting a fence or planting greenery that repels the animals that carry them in. It also includes reducing shade in your yard, which ticks love, by cutting foliage back and pruning trees and shrubs.

Controlling ticks with powerful applications. We’ll suppress ticks by focusing on where they live and breed. Our powerful products will wipe them out, so you see a substantial drop in numbers. If you’d rather get an environmentally friendly approach to control, we offer natural products, as well.

Maintaining continual control. We’ll keep protection strong by coming back routinely to monitor your yard and apply additional barrier sprays. These ensure ticks aren’t able to make a comeback in your yard. You’ll simply get a full season of peace and comfort minus tick infestations.

Tick Control, Backed by One of the Best Guarantees in Springfield

Don’t let ticks take away from your outdoor fun. Get the top-quality control you want from the tick experts at Lawn Doctor of Springfield-Lebanon-Bolivar. We know what it takes to keep ticks in check for the whole season.

If, however, you’re not happy for any reason with our treatments, let us know. We will either come back and reapply the previous application or refund the amount of your last service. It’s just another way we stand behind our services and our customers, too.

You don’t have to think twice about ticks in your yard. We serve homeowners in Springfield, Republic, Lebanon, Rogersville, Marshfield, Bolivar, and nearby areas in MO.

Contact us today to find out more about our tick control in Springfield.