Tick Control in Republic

Closeup picture of a tick found prior to providing Tick Control in Republic

Tick numbers only seem to grow each year. The good news is you can make your lawn less attractive to these disease-carrying pests. How do you get started? With help from Lawn Doctor of Springfield-Lebanon-Bolivar. We’re local tick control experts in Republic, Springfield, and surrounding areas in MO and know what conditions make your lawn more vulnerable to them. We can explain steps you can take to stop them from getting into your yard, reducing numbers dramatically. Here are a few ways to get started.

Prevention is Key When it Comes to Tick Control in Republic

Since ticks are parasites, they need a host to survive. This often means local wildlife, like deer, mice, and raccoons. When these animals come into your lawn, they bring ticks with them. Once the pests fall off in your yard, they’ll begin their search for a new host, which could be you.

Protect yourself by deterring animals from getting in. Put up a fence to keep deer out, which are the preferred host for ticks. Also, get rid of places where animals like to hide. Cluttered or messy areas provide a perfect habitat for small animals, so by cleaning up your lawn, you can remove these potential hiding spots for them.

Another way to reduce the chance of ticks entering your lawn is with natural repellents, such as mint or rosemary. These give off fragrances and have oils that ticks don’t like. You can place them around the perimeter of your yard or put them in pots near your patio.

While ticks don’t like these plants, they do like dark, wet lawns. So if yours is overgrown, it’s more inviting to ticks. By simply mowing it regularly and cutting back brush, tall grasses, trees, and shrubs, you can expose your yard to more sunlight and make it less tick-friendly.

Get Expert Tick Control to Protect Your Lawn & Loved Ones

Ticks are a fact of life outside. The good news is you can take a big bite out of their numbers with Lawn Doctor of Springfield-Lebanon-Bolivar. We offer proven tick control treatments from Republic to Bolivar and beyond that will kill these pests and keep them away. We’ll also examine your yard, identify hot spots, and explain additional measures to further reduce tick numbers. Together, we can lower the risk of ticks in your yard, so you can breathe easier when you’re outside.

We offer tick control services across:

  • Republic
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  • And throughout surrounding communities

Get professional tick control from Republic, MO’s leading source: Lawn Doctor of Springfield-Lebanon-Bolivar. Contact us today to get started.