Lawn Weed Control in Springfield

For most homeowners, weeds are an unwelcome sight. Even just one or two dandelions or areas with crabgrass can take away from the overall beauty of your lawn. And where there’s one weed, more are sure to follow. The good news is that with lawn weed control from Springfield, IL’s experts at Lawn Doctor of Greater Springfield, you can get the most common and stubborn weeds under control and even stop them before they start growing.

Why Weed Control Matters for a Thick, Healthy Lawn

When it comes to weeds, all they need is a little soil, sunlight, and space – and suddenly they’re taking over your lawn. And the more weeds you have in your lawn, the less room there is for your grass to grow and thrive. As weeds spread, they can even damage your lawn and landscape, competing with plants for sunlight, nutrients, and water. So what should your lawn weed control game plan be? It depends on the types of weeds you have.

For instance, in the U.S., most weeds are categorized as either broadleaf or grassy. BroadlePretty Woman playing with cute puppy on manicured green grass monitored by lawn weed control servicesaf, such as dandelion, clover, wild violet, and purslane have wider, flat leaves. Some kinds can even flower. Grassy weeds, however, have a similar look, color, and texture to actual grass. Not only that, but they also grow under the same conditions as your lawn. That means when you’re watering, fertilizing, and otherwise caring for your lawn, you can also be inadvertently encouraging grassy weed growth.

Likewise, weeds can be perennials or annuals. This simply defines their lifecycle. Perennials establish strong roots in your lawn and can come back over the course of many years. Annuals, on the other hand, can grow in multiple times during just one year.

Beyond type and lifecycle, growing seasons also set weeds apart. With cool-season weeds, for example, they grow best during the cooler months from fall through spring. Warm-season weeds, however, favor spring and summer.

Get Lawn Weed Control Help with Lawn Doctor of Greater Springfield

Whether you’re facing a dandelion infestation or a crabgrass takeover, Lawn Doctor of Greater Springfield knows that lawn weed control can be tricky. If you don’t use the right product or approach at the right time, your efforts won’t be effective.

Instead, leave the work of lawn weed control to Lawn Doctor of Greater Springfield. We understand the local weeds giving area homeowners trouble, and how to treat and suppress them. Our pre-emergent solutions target weeds before they sprout up while our post-emergent and preventative services deal with existing weeds and ensure they don’t come back.

Ready to learn more? Our lawn weed control services are available for local homeowners across Springfield, Chatham, Rochester, and Sherman. To schedule your free consultation, call Lawn Doctor of Greater Springfield today at 217.529.5288.