Lawn Care Services in Southington: Fertilization 101

extremely green grass photo fills entire frame showing lawn care services in SouthingtonFor consistent growth, soil requires maintenance. One of the most important lawn care services included in this maintenance is fertilization. Fertilization, although it may seem like a simple process, can contain intricacies that determine whether your lawn grows strong and green or is taken over by weeds and lawn diseases. Too many or too few treatments can cause a nutrient imbalance that can put your lawn at risk, which is why precision is key in fertilization. At Lawn Doctor of Bristol-Southington, we provide accuracy-driven fertilization treatments to provide a lasting boost to the health of area lawns. Homeowners and businesses in the Southington, Bristol, Plantsville and Plainville, CT areas choose our fertilization treatments for their consistent results and flexibility.

Our Lawn Care Services: Fertilization Options for Southington Residents

To accommodate our Southington-area customers’ different fertilization needs, we offer a full selection of different lawn care services. Lawns can have different pH balances, soil compositions, mineral contents and a long list of other varying characteristics. We provide varied, individualized services to work around these different characteristics and provide top-notch results. Here is a closer look at some of our most popular lawn fertilization treatment options:


One of our most popular fertilization options is our treatment utilizing our specially-blended fertilizers. Our fertilizers are environmentally safe and contain a high concentration of all of the nutrients your lawn needs to facilitate strong, consistent grass growth.

Natural Fertilization

For a more sustainable approach to keeping your lawn nourished, our technicians can also provide natural fertilization treatments. Our natural fertilization treatments provide a green way to boost your lawn’s natural defenses and provide your root systems with the nutrients they need to develop and fight off external threats throughout the year. The fertilizers used in these treatments are naturally derived and allow our more environmentally conscious customers a way to keep their lawns healthy without relying on man-made materials.

Ongoing Lawn Care Services

In addition to our single-application treatments, we offer ongoing fertilization to keep your lawn healthy throughout the year. These ongoing treatment plans can include any of our lawn care services as they’re needed and are available on a flexible schedule for stress-free results.

Call Lawn Doctor of Bristol-Southington today at (203) 439-7008 for more information on our fertilization options and to schedule your free lawn evaluation. Our technicians provide homeowners and businesses all over Southington, Bristol, Plantsville, Plainville and the surrounding communities with a full range of lawn care services.