Lawn Aeration in York

lawn technician power seeding showing lawn aeration in YorkThe ongoing maintenance of healthy soil is an important part of keeping your yard green and growing in the long run. One of the most common threats to the health of your soil is the compression that can accumulate over time. With the aeration treatments we offer at Lawn Doctor of Southeast York-Spring Grove, we ease the compression that can occur in area lawns and get them back on track to healthy growth. With our lawn aeration treatments, we give a lasting health boost to lawns spanning the York, Spring Grove, Seven Valleys, Dallastown, Windsor, Red Lion, Felton, and Loganville, PA areas.

The Benefits of Regular Lawn Aeration

Regularly aerating your lawn comes with a wide range of different benefits. Here are some of the many ways that regular, strategic lawn aeration helps your lawn stay healthy through the seasons:

  • Increased root strength.
  • Increased airflow through the soil.
  • Enhanced ability of water and heat to penetrate the soil.
  • Improved effectiveness of fertilization treatments.

When to Administer Lawn Aeration in York Lawns

Lawn aeration is extremely helpful in keeping your yard healthy, but getting the timing right isn’t always the easiest task for the average homeowner. We use an extensive list of key indicators to determine whether or not our customers’ lawns need to be aerated. Here are a couple of them:

Excessive Amounts of Thatch. Thatch, the layer of leaf litter and plant matter in between your lawn’s grass and soil layers, is completely normal. However, too much thatch can be an indication of a problem underneath the surface. Excessive thatch is an indication that your soil has become compacted, which can eventually cause damage to your grass and other lawn plants. Our aeration treatments circulate the soil and thatch layers in your yard, returning them to the right proportions for ongoing growth.

High Clay Content. Lawns that have a high content of clay require aeration more often than other lawns. We’ll develop and implement a regular aeration program for your yard to keep clay soil from clumping together, helping your lawn stay healthier in the long run.

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