Mosquito Control Services for Charlotte

Yard Armour Mosquito Control in CharlotteOnce mosquitoes move into your yard, it can be tricky to kick them back out. When your lawn has an out-of-hand resident mosquito population, it can put you and your family at risk due to the multitude of dangerous mosquito-borne illnesses like West Nile and Yellow Fever. Make your lawn a safer and more enjoyable place by getting in touch with the mosquito control experts at Lawn Doctor of South Charlotte. With our complete list of lawn care solutions, we offer homeowners all over the Charlotte, Matthews, Stallings, Harrisburg, Stallings and Fort Mill, NC areas a solution to their lawn care problems.

How We Implement Our Mosquito Control Services

There are several standout aspects involved in our mosquito control services that make them effective. Included in these different aspects is the multi-step approach we take to the development and implementation of mosquito control strategies. We focus on one step at a time to deliver mosquito control services that are thorough, well-rounded and lasting. Here is a closer look into our process:

1. Prevention

A solid prevention strategy can keep your lawn from developing a mosquito problem in the first place. During this first phase of the treatment, we’ll work with you to develop mosquito prevention strategies specific to your lawn’s distinct characteristics. These ongoing prevention strategies will help you keep your lawn clear in between treatments, no matter the season.

2. Control

In the next step of treatment, we’ll administer optimized applications of our advanced mosquito control products. These custom-tailored applications will drastically drop the number of annoying mosquitoes buzzing around your yard and allow you to comfortably make use of your home’s outdoor areas again.

3. Maintenance

To keep your lawn’s defenses high against neighborhood mosquitoes, our technicians will return on a scheduled basis to apply follow-up treatments. Our maintenance applications will reinforce your lawn and preserve the barrier our treatments place between your lawn and incoming mosquito populations.

Guaranteed Treatments for Charlotte Homeowners

At Lawn Doctor of South Charlotte, it’s important to us to provide our customers with a comprehensive service guarantee. With our guaranteed treatments, you can rest assured that your yard is in safe hands.

Give Lawn Doctor of South Charlotte a call today at (704) 948-7111 to learn more about our mosquito control process and to schedule your free estimate. We offer our full range of short and long-term treatments to homeowners in Charlotte, Matthews, Stallings, Harrisburg, Fort Mill and the surrounding communities.