Lawn Aeration in Charlotte

green grass treated by lawn aeration in CharlotteWhether you’re responsible for the upkeep of the greenery around a Charlotte-area home or a commercial property, successful lawn maintenance requires a few key actions. Lawn aeration is an extremely important, but often overlooked factor of facilitating consistent growth. Your lawn’s soil can become tightly packed over time or as a result of external damage, and this can spell disaster for your plants and root systems if action isn’t taken. With the lawn aeration service we offer at Lawn Doctor of South Charlotte, we break up the upper layers of soil in lawns all over the Charlotte, Harrisburg, Matthews, Stallings and Fort Mill, NC areas to reintroduce the healthy circulation of the elements your lawn needs to grow and thrive.

Determining When Lawn Aeration is Necessary

Although lawn aeration is beneficial at several different points throughout the year, there are times when it will yield the best, longest-lasting results. This optimum timeframe will depend on the type of grass populating your yard, as different grasses have distinct growth patterns. Warm season grasses will benefit the most from being aerated later in the spring, while cool season grasses should be aerated at the beginning of spring for the best results. In addition to this general schedule, there are also several telltale signs that your lawn has compacted soil and needs to be aerated. Here are a few of those signs:

  • Stunted or stopped plant growth
  • Puddles form on the grass during light rainfall
  • Vehicles are frequently parked on the grass
  • Brown spots have formed on the grass

How Our Lawn Aeration Treatments Help Charlotte Residents

Implementing lawn aeration treatments into your lawn care routine comes with several benefits. When the upper layers of your soil are compacted, it blocks the healthy circulation of nutrients in the soil, which can lead to your plants becoming weak and malnourished. Aeration restores this circulation, while simultaneously increasing the permeability of the soil so heat, water and oxygen can penetrate to the roots more readily. When our technicians use core aeration technology to break up your lawn’s compacted soil, they’re setting up for long-term growth and healthy root development.

Call Lawn Doctor of South Charlotte today at (704) 948-7111 for more information on our lawn aeration service and to schedule your free consultation. We offer lawn aeration to homeowners and businesses spanning Charlotte, Harrisburg, Matthews, Stallings, Fort Mill and the surrounding communities.