Top Dressing Your Savannah Area Lawn

before top dressing
Before Top Dressing

What is Top-Dressing?

Topdressing is a prepared soil mix applied to the surface of the lawn. The term topdressing also is used for the process of applying the material. Topdressing materials are applied in a thin layer, typically ¼ inch or less, for a variety of purposes.

What Is the Best Material for Topdressing?

Topdressing materials vary greatly. Most topdressing is performed with compost. Compost should be made from the appropriate ratios of wet and dry materials and should be fully “cooked”. High quality finished compost should be dark and rich and made with a variety of organic material. At Lawn Doctor we use a high quality Organic topdressing with compost.

after top dressing
After Top Dressing – 4 Weeks

What Are the Benefits of Topdressing?

Topdressing has been shown to promote a quick recovery due to winter injury, insect damage and thatch build-up. If your lawn is thin with bare spots, topdressing would be a better option than sod replacement. Topdressing can be used to fill in low and uneven areas also. Topdressing increases the nutrient availability and helps with poor soils. Topdressing has become another management tool for promoting a healthy, dense turf!

When is the Right Time to Topdress your Lawn?

Spring and Summer. This is the optimum time for best results.