Fall Lawn Care in Roanoke: Tips for a Dazzling Spring Lawn

Father and daughter playing ball on a green lawn with trees in background showing fall lawn care in RoanokeGiving your lawn some extra care and attention this autumn will pay off big come spring. Not only will it better recover from the heat and drought of summer, but endure harsh winter conditions more easily to emerge better than ever during the next growing season. But to get there, you need to make the right moves now. And Lawn Doctor of the Roanoke Valley is here to help. As a top choice for fall lawn care in the Roanoke, VA area, we know what to do and when to help you reap greener, lusher results. Here’s a look:

Deal with leaves. A thick layer of leaves is going to lock in moisture and block out sunlight. This produces ideal circumstances in which diseases will spread. Don’t let that happen. Instead, be sure to remove heavy leaf piles in your lawn.

Maintain your grass. Keep mowing and watering until your lawn goes dormant. When you do, don’t cut off more than 1/3 at a time; otherwise, leaf blades won’t have the surface area to absorb the optimal amount of sunlight. Likewise, make sure grass is getting at least one inch of water per week.

Aerate and fertilize. Soil gets easily compressed during the summer months thanks to foot and vehicle traffic. Help roots absorb more air, water, and nutrients during the Roanoke area’s fall by adding aeration to your lawn care list. Also apply fertilizer soon after, so your turf has all the fuel it needs to survive winter and green up faster come spring.

Take care of trees. Beyond your turf, trees and shrubs also require some extra attention during the fall. This is the ideal time to prune them back as they’re heading into dormancy. You’ll also want to ensure any dead branches are cut off so they don’t pose a danger during harsh weather and high winds.

Let Roanoke’s Fall Lawn Care Team Help

When it comes to fall lawn care in the Roanoke area, it’s important to follow a strict schedule. Otherwise, it won’t produce the results you want. That’s where Lawn Doctor of the Roanoke Valley comes in. We know exactly what local lawns need and when to ensure more beauty and better health come spring. You handle the maintenance and we’ll fertilize, aerate, seed, and tackle other key treatments. Together, we can ensure your grass grows back brilliantly green in the spring ahead.

Get started today by calling Lawn Doctor of the Roanoke Valley at (540) 345-0530 for a free consultation. We offer fall lawn care in the Roanoke, Salem, Vinton, Blue Ridge, Daleville, and Cloverdale, VA areas.