Customizable Lawn Treatments in Roanoke Keep Your Lawn Picture Perfect

extremely green grass photo fills entire frame showing lawn treatments in RoanokeYour lawn is in bloom! Do you have what it takes to keep it in great health all season? If not, turn to the experts at Lawn Doctor of the Roanoke Valley. We’re a leading local choice for lawn treatments across the Roanoke, VA area and can give your turf exactly what it needs at key points of the year. As a result, you’ll get that picture-perfect yard with green, lush blades and thick, vigorous growth, providing far more outdoor enjoyment in the days ahead. Here’s how we do it:

An onsite inspection. We’ll fully evaluate your lawn, from the grass blades to the soil they’re growing in, to find out what your yard needs to thrive.

A custom plan and quote. Our plans are always personalized, providing recommendations that are unique to your specific property, along with a detailed price quote.

A flexible service schedule. Our services are scheduled around Roanoke’s growing season and weather patterns, all to ensure we’re providing treatments at the exact right time of the year.

A full line of quality products and equipment. We use top-quality products in all of our services, including our custom-blended, enriched fertilizers, delivered using our proprietary, cutting-edge line of Turf Tamer® applicators.

Advice on maintenance techniques. Throughout our partnership with you, we’ll help you stay on top of proper lawn care practices, from mowing your grass to the right height to when and how much to water.

Lawn Treatments: For Beautiful Results in Roanoke

At Lawn Doctor of the Roanoke Valley, we offer many individual treatments that we’ll customize to your yard. However, to get and keep it in optimal shape, we always recommend ongoing care and attention through our Lawn Maintainer program. With it, your yard will get life-sustaining fertilization applications, as well as broadleaf, grassy, and pre-emergent weed control. It offers an easy and effective way to fuel your grass while keeping weeds at bay. You can also add on other treatments, like core aeration or seeding, as new needs arise in your yard during the year, giving you a truly customizable solution for the best health and appearance.

Call Lawn Doctor of the Roanoke Valley today at (540) 345-0530 to set up a free consultation. We offer lawn treatments in many nearby Roanoke, VA communities, including Salem, Vinton, Blue Ridge, Daleville, and Cloverdale.