Lawn Weed Control Service in Ramsey

When you see weeds in your lawn, your first thought is probably how to get rid of them. But whether you have a few stubborn ones or a full infestation, it can be hard to know the best approach to take. Instead, call in the experts at Lawn Doctor of Ramsey-Mahwah-Totowa. We offer lawn weed control to customers from Ramsey and Totowa, NJ to Mahwah, Allendale, and Hawthorne. We know how to best treat a small patch of unsightly weeds, as well as a serious invasion. Your lawn will look better and grow healthier, as a result.

Lawn Weed Control: Types We Treat in Ramsey

lawn weed control Ramsey NJ grass

When weeds have soil to grow in, they’re off and running, taking root in your lawn. As they do, they’ll then start competing with grass for nutrients, space, and light, damaging your turf in the process. But with lawn weed control from Lawn Doctor of Ramsey-Mahwah-Totowa, you can put an end to it all. We know how to identify the weeds growing in your lawn, as well as develop a plan of action for dealing with each and every one.

In fact, we have experience treating a wide variety, including:

  • Broadleaf, such as dandelion, clover, and wild violet, as well as grassy, like crabgrass and witch grass
  • Annual, which can grow in several times during a single year, and perennial, which establish strong roots as they return for several years
  • Warm-season weeds that prefer the heat of spring and summer and cool-season weeds that flourish once temperatures drop

About Our Lawn Weed Control Treatments in Ramsey

Weeds are pesky because they’re so resilient and aggressive. One day, you just have a few and the next, they’ve multiplied all over your lawn. When this happens, let Lawn Doctor of Ramsey-Mahwah-Totowa take control of your yard and the weeds growing in it.

We can quickly identify the kinds giving you trouble, then get to work custom-blending treatments for the unique needs of your lawn. These include pre-emergent applications to stop weeds that are growing underground from sprouting up and post-emergent ones for already-established weeds. We also offer many lawn care services, such as fertilization, that can proactively keep your yard in excellent shape so weeds don’t become a problem once again.

Connect with the lawn weed control team counted on across Ramsey, Allendale, Totowa, Mahwah, Hawthorne and other nearby areas in NJ. Call Lawn Doctor of Ramsey-Mahwah-Totowa at (973) 427-3141 today for a free consultation and estimate.