How Our Lawn Care Services in Pembroke Pines Fix Common Lawn Problems

extremely green grass photo fills entire frame showing lawn care services in Pembroke PinesWhen your lawn’s health and appearance is threatened by one of its internal or external risk factors, getting it back on track to healthy growth can be tricky on your own. With handling work, the kids, and everything else, you may not always have the time required to give your lawn the careful, considered treatment it needs. At Lawn Doctor of West Broward, we offer area homeowners convenient and effective lawn treatment options so that they can enjoy healthy lawns without the hassle of DIY yard work. Our neighbors spanning the Pembroke Pines, West Broward, Coral Springs, Miramar, Pompano Beach, Parkland, Weston, and Sunrise, FL areas choose our lawn care services for dependable results and services built around their specific needs.

Top-Notch Lawn Care Services for Healthier Lawns in Pembroke Pines 

To keep your lawn looking its best year-round, it takes a multi-faceted approach to maintenance and repairing damage from common lawn problems that can pop up over time. From single applications to complete maintenance programs, our team at Lawn Doctor of West Broward brings Pembroke Pines area homeowners lawn care service options they need. There is a long list of common lawn problems that our lawn care experts address, here are a few of them:

Weed Infestations

Weeds can pop up in your lawn and quickly develop root networks, making fighting them a long-term battle. Our premium weed control treatments fight broadleaf and grassy weeds down to the root, which eradicates active and pre-emergent weeds for long-term protection.

Chemical Imbalances

When your lawn’s pH (its measure of acidity) rises or falls outside of the healthy range, it can have several detrimental effects on your lawn’s health. Soil that is too acidic or not acidic enough can inhibit your plants’ ability to utilize the nutrients in the soil, leading to long-term damage if left unaddressed. With our pH balancing treatments, we correct these conditions to make your lawn an environment that supports healthy growth through the seasons.

Compacted Soil

When your soil becomes compacted, the nutrients, water, and oxygen your plants need isn’t able to reach them. With our core aeration treatments, we restore the healthy circulation of these crucial survival elements by driving channels into the soil and relieving compression.

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