Lawn Weed Control by Lawn Doctor of Dover

blades of lawn weed control dover grassIt’s easy for weeds to take root in your lawn, and without professional help, it can be tough to get them out. But for Dover homeowners, the answer to a weed-free lawn is easy. With our extensive range of weed treatment options, Lawn Doctor of Dover has become Delaware’s first choice for professional lawn weed control.

Dover’s Lawn Weed Control Experts

As a locally owned and operated lawn care company, Lawn Doctor of Dover provides our clients with the services and expertise they need for lush, green, weed-free lawns. We know Delaware’s most common and most stubborn weeds better than anyone, along with weed control treatments that will eliminate those weeds from your lawn. Unlike other lawn weed control providers, we never shoehorn clients into pre-set, one-size-fits-all-solutions. Instead, we evaluate your lawn and customize a plan to reduce existing weeds and prevent others from taking root.

Lawn weed control services from Lawn Doctor of Dover will help you deal with:

  • Grassy weeds, such as crabgrass, which thrive under the same conditions as your lawn’s turf.
  • Broadleaf weeds, such as clovers and dandelions, which often spread easily.
  • Annual weeds, which can affect your lawn multiple times in the span of a year.
  • Perennial weeds, which return year after year until treated.
  • Warm-season weeds, which excel during summer months.
  • Cool-season weeds, which flourish in the spring and fall.

Year-Round & Pre-Emergent Lawn Weed Control

Our experts at Lawn Doctor of Dover are happy to provide Delaware homeowners with individual lawn weed control treatments to immediately reduce existing weed problems. But for homeowners looking to prevent weeds week after week and month after month, we suggest our Lawn Maintainer program. Lawn Maintainer includes pre-emergent lawn weed control. With pre-emergent weed maintenance, we stop weeds before they have a chance to sprout/take root. Our Lawn Maintainer program also comes with options for pest control, lawn fertilization, and other routine lawn care services.

Call Today for Lawn Doctor of Dover Weed Control

Ready to get started with lawn weed control from Lawn Doctor of Dover? Simply give us a call at 302-378-3435 and we’ll provide you with a free lawn evaluation and service estimate. Lawn Doctor of Dover proudly serves homeowners throughout Delaware, including residents of Smyrna, Sussex County, Middletown, Lewes, Kent County, and Odessa.

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