Hydra Guard Moisture Program

Lawns and landscaping are susceptible to a number of soil moisture related issues that may affect their health, color and quality. Lawn Doctor’s Hydra Guard℠ Program is designed to address these issues.


  • Poor Irrigation Coverage:

Irrigation systems often have incomplete coverage. Hydra Guard will help minimize these inconsistencies by maintaining a more consistent soil moisture profile.

  • Watering Restrictions:

Over the last several years, many municipalities have enacted watering restrictions, limiting watering days and times. Hydra Guard extends the time between required watering allowing landscapes to thrive while conforming to local watering restrictions.

  • High Water Costs:

National water costs have increased an average of 54% since 2010.  Some municipalities have experience increases in excess of 150%. The Hydra Guard program can help reduce water use by up to 50% or more.


  • Daily Wilt Cycles / Moisture Stress:

Moisture Stress occurs when a plant’s transpiration rate is higher than the rate of water uptake by the roots. It can be caused by a lack of moisture in soil, high temperatures, wind, poor root development, etc. Hydra Guard provides plants with additional moisture in between watering cycles, minimizing or eliminating daily wilt cycles.

  • Seasonal Drought:

Seasonal drought can cause damage and possibly death to plant roots and foliage. Overwatering to compensate can lead to fungus and rot which can be equally damaging.  Hydra Guard manages soil moisture to minimize drought damage.

  • Hydrophobic Soils:

Dry soils can become hydrophobic or moisture-resistant. Attempting to hydrate soil in this condition can be difficult as hydrophobic soils tend to channel moisture away through voids in the soil matrix resulting in poor absorption. This moisture is lost to gravity and offers little benefit to plants, causing brown spots on the surface. Hydra Guard slows evaporative loss, reducing the dry out that causes hydrophobic conditions to develop, allowing soils to readily accept moisture even during dry conditions.

Benefits of Hydra Guard:  

  • Prevent isolated dry spots from developing
  • Improve irrigation efficiency and turf performance while using less water
  • Reduce routine watering needs of turf, shrubs, trees & flowers by as much as 50%
  • Even-out watering schedules by managing root zone moisture and preventing plants from drying out unevenly

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