Lawn Aeration Services for Oceanside Area Homeowners

Even if you water your lawn twice a week and have it fertilized professionally every other month, sometimes you still end up with patchy, sparse, brittle, or yellowed grass. Often, the culprit is poorly aerated soil. At Lawn Doctor of North County Coastal, our lawn aeration services have helped homeowners in Oceanside, Carlsbad, and Encinitas. We offer long-lasting core aeration, ensuring your grass gets the air it needs for lush, green, healthy results.

When Is Lawn Aeration Needed?lawn aeration machine on wheels labeled Turf Tamer

Poor soil aeration can occur one of two ways. The first way is that soil becomes packed down and compacted in a way that stops airflow inside the soil. This can happen from heavy traffic, pressure from water puddles, or simply due to time. The second way is thatch buildup. Thatch is a layer of dead roots and other plant parts that lies on the top of soil. If it becomes too thick, air cannot get through it to enter the soil.

Often, Oceanside-area homeowners ask us how they can tell if their yard needs lawn aeration. One common method is the screwdriver test. Simply try to insert a screwdriver straight down into your lawn’s soil. If this is difficult or impossible to do, lawn aeration is usually needed.

Core Aeration vs. Spike Aeration

When aerating your lawn, you’ll need to make a choice between core aeration and spike aeration.

Spike aeration is performed using a spiked roller that punches holes into your lawn’s soil. While spike aeration is more commonly available, it can leave shallow results and inconsistent coverage. This may lead to patchy areas or short-lived results.

Core aeration, on the other hand, uses specially calibrated machinery to core small plugs out of your lawn’s soil. Core aeration machinery is more powerful and consistent than spike rollers. This usually leads to better, longer-lasting results. It’s why core aeration is often the aeration method of choice for most homeowners throughout the Oceanside area. It’s also the aeration technique provided by Lawn Doctor of North County Coastal.

Oceanside’s Lawn Aeration Experts

Lawn Doctor of North County Coastal is Oceanside area’s choice for lawn aeration services. Our lawn aeration specialists provide Oceanside-area families with professional assessments, along with core aeration services for a long-lasting, healthier lawn.

Get a no-cost lawn aeration estimate for your home by calling 760.967.7800. We are proud to work with homeowners in Oceanside, Encinitas, Carlsbad, and the surrounding communities.