Lawn Treatment in North Tampa: What is pH Balancing?

There are several processes involved in effectively repairing and maintaining a lawn. One of the lesser-known lawn treatments that can play a big role in turning your lawn’s health around is pH balancing. If your lawn is too acidic or too basic, it can have a significant effect on how your lawn grows and responds to different lawn treatments. With our pH balancing treatments, we help optimize the soil of lawns all over the North Tampa, Lutz, Temple Terrace and Carrollwood, FL areas to promote healthy growth and increase resilience against common threats like weeds and lawn diseases.

Effective Lawn Treatment with pH Balancing: How it Helps

lawn treatment North Tampa pH balancing infographicWhen your lawn’s pH is out of balance, it can create several issues that can start to break down your lawn’s health, making it harder to repair. Here are the main ways our pH balancing treatments can help your North Tampa-area lawn:

  • Nutrient Utilization. When your lawn’s pH falls out of the optimum range, it has a negative effect on your turf’s ability to utilize the nutrients in the soil, which can lead to fading, thinning, spotting and general health decline. When our experts balance your lawn’s pH, it will counteract these imbalances and put your lawn’s pH back in the healthy range to boost nutrient utilization and put it back on the road to recovery.
  • Weed and Disease Defense. Common lawn diseases and local weed varieties often infiltrate area lawns, but many varieties of both prefer lawns that are weakened due to an off-balance pH. When you choose our pH balancing treatments, you’re strengthening your lawn against the potential threat of weeds and common lawn diseases for a healthy yard that lasts longer and is easier to maintain.

Guaranteed Lawn Treatments for North Tampa Residents

Our pH balancing treatments, like the rest of the lawn treatments we offer at Lawn Doctor of North Tampa-Lutz, are protected by one of the best service guarantees in the industry. Providing stress-free lawn care is important to us, and offering a comprehensive service guarantee allows our customers to rest easy with the knowledge that their lawn is in the safe hands of our knowledgeable and trusted technicians.

Call Lawn Doctor of North Tampa-Lutz today at (813) 433-1222 to learn more about our pH balancing service and schedule your free service estimate. Our full list of lawn treatments is available to homeowners and businesses spanning North Tampa, Lutz, Temple Terrace, Carrollwood and the surrounding communities.