Lawn Aeration in Murfreesboro: What Is It And When Do You Need It?

Is your lawn thinning, browning, or looking bare in spots? It could be due to soil compaction and surface thatch. Both of these issues limit the ability for grass roots to take in enough air, water, and nutrients. Compaction squeezes roots below the surface, while thatch serves as a wall, blocking key essentials from entering the soil up above. But with our lawn core aeration, available throughout the Murfreesboro, TN area, we can combat both and restore health and vitality to your lawn.

Lawn Aeration from Lawn Doctor of Murfreesboro: What Are the Benefits?

With lawn aeration from Lawn Doctor of Murfreesboro, we will pull plugs of soil from your lawn, leaving behind small holes and soil cores on the surface. Once aerated, your soil is looser, thatch is reduced, and grass roots can grow deeper thanks to more room. Not only that, but your lawn will benefit in a number of other key ways, including:

  • Improved airflow in the soil
  • Enhanced uptake of nutrients and water
  • Less surface thatch and fewer issues with pests and diseases, as a result
  • A healthier lawn with improved color and growth

Core aeration is a must for every yard in Murfreesboro. Frequency simply depends on a few different factors. For instance, lawns based in clay soil will need to be aerated every year, as will those that undergo extensive foot and vehicle traffic.

Let one of Lawn Doctor of Murfreesboro’s certified lawn specialists analyze your property and make recommendation designed for its unique needs. Beyond evaluating your soil’s condition, we can also determine lawn type to ensure best results for your desired lawn, just before peak growth. Grass will then develop quickly with proper care, leading to a lusher, healthier lawn in the weeks and months that follow.

Lawn Aeration Services: Why Choose Our Local Murfreesboro Team?

At Lawn Doctor of Murfreesboro, we can offer you a number of distinct advantages when you choose us for lawn aeration:

  • Our approach, called core aeration, is the industry’s most effective method and is time-tested to deliver better and longer-lasting results.
  • We use our proprietary Turf Tamer® equipment, ensuring consistency in terms of depth and spacing of the cored-out plugs.
  • In addition, you can take advantage of our seeding and fertilizing services too, which are best performed right after aeration.

With Lawn Doctor of Murfreesboro, it’s easy to achieve a professional-looking lawn. Best of all, you can get more time to focus on family, fishing, golfing, or whatever you enjoy, while we do the heavy lifting.

Improve the beauty and strength of your yard with our lawn aeration services, offered in local communities such as Murfreesboro, Smyrna, La Vergne, and Nolensville, TN. Schedule your free consultation by calling Lawn Doctor of Murfreesboro today at (615) 962-7225.