Lawn Aeration in Middletown

Successful lawn maintenance calls for a few key services. One of the essential lawn care maintenance services is lawn aeration. When your lawn’s soil becomes compacted, it can have many damaging effects on your yard’s grass and root systems. Aeration prevents and reverses the side effects that come along with compacted soil, boosting your lawn’s health and making it more resilient to inclement weather and seasonal transitions. Our team at Lawn Doctor of Middletown-Groton provides proven lawn aeration services to home and business owners all over the Middletown, Groton, Old Lyme and Essex, CT areas for strong growth and more complete root development.

When Lawn Aeration is Needed

The general rule of thumb with lawn aeration is to have it performed annually, just prior to your lawn’s prime growing season. This prime growing season will differ from yard-to-yard based on the type of grass populating the lawn, with cool season grasses benefiting most from early-spring aeration and warm season grasses benefit most from aeration at the end of spring. To supplement this annual schedule, additional aeration services may be required if your lawn exhibits one or more of the following indicators of compacted soil:

  • Brown spots
  • The formation of puddles during light rain
  • Stunted grass growth, or grass that has stopped growing completely
  • There are vehicles frequently parked on the grass
  • The grass has been damaged by pets, children or outdoor entertaining
  • The appearance of excessive thatch in your lawn’s upper layers

How Lawn Aeration Helps Middletown Residents

Keeping your lawn aerated provides several benefits for Middletown home and business owners. One of the ways aeration can help your lawn is by increasing its permeability. Compacted soil can plug up your lawn and seal off the roots from the external elements they need to nourish your lawn’s plants. Our core aerators pull long soil plugs from your yard, creating channels for these external elements to penetrate the soil and reach the roots. Your lawn’s roots also benefit from the physical space created through aeration. Compacted soil can take away the space your roots require to expand, and aeration breaks apart these compacted sections to allow free movement and more extensive root systems.

Call Lawn Doctor of Middletown-Groton today at (203) 951-3221 for more information on our aeration services and to schedule your free lawn evaluation. We provide professional lawn aeration treatments to our neighbors in Middletown, Groton, Old Lyme, Essex and the surrounding communities.