Mosquito Control for Metamora

Mosquito found prior to providing Mosquito Control for Metamora

You want to have fun and enjoy your yard, not fight off disease-carrying mosquitoes each time you step outside. With Lawn Doctor of Metamora-Morton-East Peoria, you don’t have to. We offer mosquito control in Metamora, Washington, and nearby areas in IL that delivers long-lasting suppression for the entire season. You can relax and enjoy cookouts, parties, and time with your family, minus the buzzing and biting.

How Our Comprehensive Yard Armour Mosquito Control Works

Mosquitoes are annoying, and their bites are uncomfortable. Beyond that, they’re deadly insects that are responsible for a million deaths each year worldwide. If you want to keep your loved ones and pets protected, Lawn Doctor of Metamora-Morton-East Peoria can help with our Yard Armour® Mosquito Control. It’s a comprehensive program that works to stop mosquitoes through:

  • Prevention Tactics. If mosquitoes are making a home in your lawn, we’ll find out where. We’ll then educate you on ways to eliminate these areas, making your lawn a less inviting place for mosquitoes in the future.
  • Powerful Treatments. We’ll apply powerful sprays where mosquitoes live and sleep. Once they land, they’ll soak up our product and die off. It’s even effective against eggs and larvae, wiping mosquitoes out throughout the life cycle.
  • Ongoing Protection. We’ll come back during the season to apply additional barrier sprays. These keep mosquitoes from re-emerging, giving you a season of peace and comfort in your yard.

Our Other Mosquito Control Services Offered in the Metamora Area

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly way to control mosquitoes, Lawn Doctor of Metamora-Morton-East Peoria can help there, as well. We offer treatments made from all-natural and organic materials that are effective against insects while also being completely safe for the environment.

If you’d only like a one-time treatment, we also offer special event mosquito control services. We can protect your party, picnic, wedding, or other big day, so you can simply enjoy it.

In addition to our many mosquito control options, we back them up with a satisfaction guarantee. It means if you’re not happy, let us know, and we’ll fix it. It’s just another way we give our customers peace of mind and confidence in our services.

If you’re ready to find out more, contact us today. We offer mosquito control in Metamora, Washington, East Peoria, Morton, Peoria, and the surrounding areas in IL.