Lawn Weed Control Service in Mansfield

You work hard. You should have a lawn you can enjoy and relax in. But when ugly weeds are working harder and getting established, this can be tough to do. Don’t get frustrated. Instead, give Lawn Doctor of South Fort Worth & Mansfield a call. With our lawn weed control services, offered across the Mansfield and Fort Worth, TX areas, we can deliver effective lawn weed control at the right times of the year. Not only will we stop aggressive weeds in their tracks, but restore the health and beauty of your lawn in the process.

Lawn Weed Control: Types We Treat in the Mansfield Area

Father and daughter playing ball on a green lawn with trees in background showing lawn weed control in Mansfield

All you see in your lawn are weeds. But controlling them takes a varied approach, with the type of weed dictating how you treat it. If you use the wrong product or time your applications incorrectly, you’re not going to achieve the results you want in your lawn. That’s why so many property owners in the area turn to Lawn Doctor of South Fort Worth & Mansfield for weed control.

With our team, you can benefit from knowledgeable experts who understand weeds, when they grow, and the ways to get control over them. Thanks to our extensive experience, custom-blended materials, and proprietary application equipment, we can thoroughly suppress a wide variety in your lawn, whether you’re facing off with broadleaf, grassy, annual, perennial, warm-season, or cool-season weeds. We even tailor our treatments to the unique features of your lawn so we can deliver the best care and the most beautiful results.

Lawn Doctor of South Fort Worth & Mansfield: About Our Weed Treatments

Weeds can be a headache and hassle for many homeowners to deal with. From clover and dandelion to crabgrass and purslane, they’re resilient and grow quickly. But with lawn weed control from Lawn Doctor of South Fort Worth & Mansfield, they don’t stand a chance.

We offer both pre-emergent control for suppressing the development of weed seeds in the soil, as well as post-emergent treatments for fighting off fast-growing weeds already in your lawn. To protect your turf in the future, our annual Lawn Maintainer program provides both weed control and lawn fertilization for a yard with stronger natural defenses and better health, growth, and color.

Our lawn weed control services are available across Mansfield, Alvarado, Grand Prairie, Kennedale, Midlothian, Fort Worth, and other nearby TX communities. Call (817) 734-3215 today to book a free consultation to learn more.