Lawn Weed Control Service in Madison

A healthy lawn not only makes an impact on your backyard enjoyment, but also on your home’s curb appeal. When spreading weeds are damaging both, call in the lawn weed control experts counted on across the Madison, MS area. With help from Lawn Doctor of Brandon-Madison-Ridgeland, treating weeds doesn’t have to be a daunting task. In fact, thanks to our expertise, equipment, and proven approach, you can say goodbye to clover, crabgrass, nutgrass, and other types, and instead achieve a lawn that’s host to thick, green grass, not stubborn weeds.

Lawn Weed Control: Types We Treat in Madison

Father and daughter playing ball on a green lawn with trees in background showing lawn weed control in Madison

When weeds are causing problems in your lawn, the results can be long-lasting. That’s because as they grow and spread, they crowd out healthy grass, competing for space, light, and nutrients. But getting weed control right can be challenging if you aren’t sure which ones are in your lawn. That’s where lawn weed control from Lawn Doctor of Brandon-Madison-Ridgeland comes in.

Thanks to our extensive experience, we know how to identify, treat, and suppress a wide range of them. This includes those that fall into the two main categories of:

  • Broadleaf, including dandelion, lespedeza, clover, and spurge.
  • Grassy, such as crabgrass and quackgrass, that look like the grass in your lawn.

In addition to the weeds above, Lawn Doctor of Brandon-Madison-Ridgeland can control those that pop up during the warmer-weather months, as well as those that tend to flourish during cooler-seasons. We can also get stubborn perennials that come back for multiple years under control and stop annuals, which only grow during one year, from thriving and surviving in your lawn.

Lawn Doctor of Brandon-Madison-Ridgeland: About Our Weed Treatments

The best approach to lawn weed control is a pro-active one. That’s why Lawn Doctor of Brandon-Madison-Ridgeland offers our customers pre-emergent weed treatments designed to target young plants that are still growing underground before they emerge. We also offer a variety of other services, like fertilization and liming, that can improve the overall health and vitality of your lawn. As a result, it won’t be as susceptible to future weed invasions.

If you already have a lawn full of weeds, we can help there, too, with our post-emergent applications that focus on treating them when they’re most vulnerable. These are effective against both grassy and broadleaf weeds and will ensure they’re effectively controlled and suppressed.

If you’d like to get started or simply want to learn more, call (601) 829-0044 today. Lawn Doctor of Brandon-Madison-Ridgeland MS offers free lawn weed control consultations to customers in Madison, as well as Brandon, Ridgeland, Flowood, and other nearby areas.