Spring Lawn Care in Lake Zurich: Get Started Now with These Winter Tips

Pretty Woman playing with cute puppy on manicured green grass from our Spring Lawn Care in Lake Zurich

At this time of year in Illinois, your lawn isn’t actively growing. But that doesn’t mean you can ignore it completely in the weeks ahead. In fact, what you do now can make a big impact on its health and appearance in the next growing season. And Lawn Doctor of Buffalo Grove-Lake Zurich-Northbrook is here to ensure you maximize every opportunity for a green, lush return. As experts in the area, we know what local grasses need during cold-weather months, all to make spring lawn care easier.

What Lawn Care Steps You Can Take to Create a Strong Comeback in Spring

While you can’t control conditions, like freezing temperatures, heavy snow, and ice storms, there are some steps you can take to care for your lawn during the Lake Zurich area’s severe winter weather, so it comes back better than ever in spring. This includes by:

Focusing on clean up. Clutter from leaves, branches, toys, and furniture can all suffocate your lawn, leading to brown spots you’ll see in the spring. Avoid this by clearing out your lawn and regularly removing any organic debris that makes its way in.

Keeping usage low. When your grass is dormant, you might not think it can get damaged from foot traffic. But the opposite is true. It’s more brittle and weak with energy being re-routed into the root system. Therefore it is prone to damage from heavy usage.

Salting minimally and with care. While snow and ice means it’s time to drag out that bag of salt to protect from slips and falls, you should be careful around your yard. If you apply too much, it can get washed into your soil, stripping it of moisture and damaging grass in the process.

How Our Lake Zurich Spring Lawn Care Experts Can Make a Difference in Your Yard

By taking the small steps above, you’ll go a long way in keeping your lawn well cared for during winter and ready for a healthy return once spring arrives in the Lake Zurich area. Another way to do that is to consult with professionals, like those at Lawn Doctor of Buffalo Grove-Lake Zurich-Northbrook. We know the seasonal treatments that are ideal at this time of the year and can also offer annual, ongoing care from one month to the next. With help from our team, your grass will look greener and lusher, all while requiring less care.

For spring lawn care in Lake Zurich, IL, contact us today for more information! We also offer spring lawn care in other nearby areas, including in Buffalo Grove, Palatine, Barrington, Northbrook, and Highland Park.