Lawn Care Services in Lake Zurich: Fertilization 101

extremely green grass photo fills entire frame lawn care services in Lake ZurichFertilization is key to a healthy lawn. Yet, getting it right is no easy job. As local lawn care service specialists in the Lake Zurich, IL area, we see the results of missteps and mistakes homeowners make when it comes to feeding their lawns. To get the most from your treatments and minimize damaging miscalculations, make sure you avoid the following:

  • Not testing your soil. How will you know which nutrients your lawn needs or in what amounts if you don’t test your soil? The answer is you can’t. When you perform a soil test, though, you can uncover specific deficiencies and overcome them with the right blend of minerals.
  • Not looking for signs of compaction. When soil is too dense and compacted, fertilizer applications won’t reach the root zone. So if you’re seeing signs of this condition, such as standing water and weak growth, then aerate your lawn before you fertilize.
  • Over-applying fertilizer. When it comes to fertilizer applications, more is not better. In fact, too much can cause serious injury in your lawn, making it vulnerable to issues with diseases, weeds, and pests. That’s why it’s important to follow the instructions on the fertilizer you buy exactly, making sure you’re properly accounting for your lawn’s size.
  • Timing applications incorrectly. Most lawns in the local area are cool-season, including varieties like Kentucky bluegrass, fescue, and ryegrass. For this type of lawn, fertilization is best performed in early spring to help your lawn green up quickly; late summer so it can recover from the season’s heat and drought; and fall to ensure it’s well-prepared for the harsh conditions ahead.
  • Over-watering afterwards. It’s critical that you water after you fertilize to help the product get soaked into the soil. But don’t over-do it; otherwise, you’ll simply wash away the fertilizer, leading to waste.

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Your lawn requires 16 different nutrients to grow healthy and strong. Making sure it has access to them – in the right amounts and at the right times – can be tricky. If you’d rather leave out the guesswork and get professional help with the process, give the lawn care service experts at Lawn Doctor of Buffalo Grove-Lake Zurich-Northbrook a call. We will provide an expert assessment of your lawn, customized recommendations, and a proven approach that produces beautiful results – guaranteed.

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