Get Core Lawn Aeration in La Grange

Lawn aeration machine called turf tamerAre you finding patches of yellowing, uneven, or brittle grass around your lawn? With a professional assessment from Lawn Doctor of La Grange-Willowbrook, we can help diagnose and treat your lawn’s issues. While brittle, sparse grass have many causes, one often-overlooked problem is soil compaction. If that’s the case with your turf, we offer lawn aeration services to La Grange, Hinsdale, Willowbrook, Burr Ridge, and Westmont.

What is Lawn Aeration?

Lawn aeration involves puncturing small, even holes in your soil to give your grass plants room to breathe. When soil gets tightly compacted, grass roots have less space to grow, which causes your grass plants to be less resilient and more susceptible to erosion. It also means that it’s harder for water, nutrients, and air to reach your grass plants. A layer of dead grass roots and plant matter may build up on the surface of your soil, making it even harder for your grass to grow. All of this adds up to bare patches on your lawn, as well as dry, brittle, and yellowing turf.

At Lawn Doctor of La Grange-Willowbrook, we use core lawn aeration for longer-lasting, better results. Using specialized machinery, we drill small, precise perforations into soil. This gives roots room to grow and get vital nutrients, allowing for new grass growth and a healthy, dense lawn.

Does Your Home Need Lawn Aeration?

Soil compaction is an inevitable byproduct of time, but other factors can help speed up the process. Heavy rainfall or snowfall and regular use of your lawn may cause poorly aerated soil. One simple way to tell is the screwdriver test. If you struggle to insert a screwdriver cleanly into your soil, it may be because it’s tightly packed together. The screwdriver test isn’t precise, though, and we always recommend getting an expert diagnosis from our lawn technicians.

Lawn aeration services are most effective during the spring and fall seasons. However, our local experts can give you specific advice based on Illinois’s climate and soil conditions to make sure your lawn is getting the care it requires. Our lawn technicians take into consideration your species of soil, the use that your lawn gets, and other factors to provide a more detailed and accurate strategy for keeping your lawn healthy.

Let’s restore the health of your lawn. Call Lawn Doctor of La Grange-Willowbrook today at 630.324.6985 to get the lawn aeration services you need.