Fall Lawn Care in Jacksonville: Tips for a Dazzling Spring Lawn

Father and daughter playing ball on a green lawn with trees in background showing fall lawn care in JacksonvilleWinter weather can be devastating for unprepared lawns. Shorter daylight hours, fluctuating moisture, and the other changes that come with winter can put a large amount of stress on your home’s outdoor areas, which is why making the right preparations in the fall is crucial. At Lawn Doctor of Jacksonville-Southside-The Beaches, we utilize advanced treatments to prepare area lawns for winter weather. With our comprehensive fall lawn care programs, we give lawns in the Jacksonville, Neptune Beach, Jacksonville Beach, Fernadina Beach, Atlantic Beach, and Southside, FL areas the tools they need to look their best through the winter months.

How Our Fall Lawn Care In Jacksonville Prepares Lawns for Winter

There are several integral tasks involved in getting your yard ready for the winter months, especially if its health has been faltering in the previous seasons. Finding out which treatments to apply and effectively applying them takes time, and you may not have the time needed if you’re already busy with work, errands, and the rest of daily life’s obligations. We take the headaches out of fall lawn care by implementing our programs with convenient applications and flexible program options.

We utilize a complete range of customized treatments to get our customers’ lawns ready for winter. Here is a closer look at three of the most important treatments involved in prepping local lawns for the winter months:

Fertilization. To survive through the winter, your lawn needs more nutrients than it needs in other seasons. Our technicians will maximize the nutrient density of your lawn with our proven fertilization treatments, which will give your plants the nutrition they need to sustain themselves through the colder months and thrive when spring returns.

Weed Control. Spring and summer are traditionally when homeowners worry about weeds, but there are several species of lawn weeds that can persist through the winter. Our pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control treatments keep area lawns weed-free through the winter and reduce the amount of weeds popping up in your lawn once warmer weather comes back around.

pH Balancing. Acidity levels that are either too high or too low can have a drastic effect on how your yard processes nutrients. We optimize local lawns’ ability to absorb and utilize nutrients with our precision-driven pH balancing treatments.

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