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Does lawn maintenance have you pulling your hair out? Whether your lawn is developing unsightly spots, dry patches or just isn’t as green as it once was, we can help. With the professional service at Lawn Doctor of Lakewood-Jackson-Howell, your lawn will be back on the fast track to green. We offer convenient, effective lawn care treatments to local homeowners for accelerated results and long-term health. Our advanced, individualized approach to providing lawn services has made us a trusted partner to homeowners in the Jackson, Lakewood, Howell, New Egypt, Freehold and Cream Ridge, NJ areas.

What We Offer

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We feature an extensive lawn service list, which includes several proprietary services that can’t be found with other lawn care companies. Our team is always looking for new and improved ways to bring results to area lawns, and our results reflect that dedication to service. Here are some of the most popular lawn services among Jackson homeowners:

Standing by our work is important to us. Because of this, we protect all of our lawn services with one of the best guarantees in the industry. If you aren’t completely satisfied with one of the treatments we apply to your lawn, get in touch with us! To make it right, we’ll either reapply the treatment for free or refund you the treatment’s entire cost.

Custom-Built Lawn Services for Local Area Homeowners

The lawns throughout a town, or even throughout a neighborhood aren’t going to be 100% identical. Treating your lawn like every other lawn out there is an easy way to delay results and leave problem areas unaddressed. For this reason, we custom-tailor each of our services depending on the specific lawn we’re treating. If your lawn is exhibiting the symptoms of being overfertilized, treating it the same way as an underfertilized lawn is just going to make matters worse. When you choose Lawn Doctor of Lakewood-Jackson-Howell, you’re choosing individualized lawn services and the careful, considerate care your lawn needs to thrive.

To learn more about what makes us the best, give our expert lawn technicians at Lawn Doctor of Lakewood-Jackson-Howell a call today at (732) 928-6736 and schedule your FREE onsite evaluation. We take pride in serving our community – we offer our lawn services to our neighbors all over Jackson, Lakewood, Howell, New Egypt, Freehold, Cream Ridge and the surrounding communities. 


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