Tick Control in Burlington

Tick Control in Burlington

A lawn that’s infested with invasive ticks is one that your friends and family can’t safely enjoy. These pests can take up residence all over your yard, which is why getting them out and keeping them out requires a helping hand from the pros. At Lawn Doctor of Greensboro, we utilize a comprehensive tick control system to make short work of infestations and bring safer lawns to our neighbors located all over the Burlington, NC area.

Tick Control Tips for Safer Outdoor Spaces

While it takes a professional approach to effectively put a stop to tick infestations and keep your yard protected in the long run, there are certain lawn maintenance steps you can take to keep their numbers lower over time. Here’s a quick look at some quick and easy ways you can discourage tick infestations and keep your yard safer throughout the seasons:

Cleaning Up Leaf Litter

Because ticks are always on the lookout for dark, damp spaces to hide and set up breeding grounds, keeping clutter out of your yard is essential. Collections of underbrush, leaf litter, and stray branches can quickly accumulate in your yard if you’re not keeping a careful eye out. Routinely clearing away any of the debris that builds up in your outdoor spaces can go a long way toward preventing full-blown tick infestations and keeping their populations down.

Trimming Trees and Shrubs

The greenery in your yard can also provide shelter and breeding grounds for incoming ticks if it’s not trimmed on a routine basis. Trimming back the trees, shrubs, bushes, hedges, and other foliage decorating your yard cuts back on the number of potential breeding grounds ticks have to choose from.

Guaranteed Tick Control for Burlington Homeowners

When you work with our team at Lawn Doctor of Greensboro, you’re working with a team that’s dedicated to bringing local homeowners risk-free service. We stand by our full service list with one of the industry’s strongest guarantees that brings you peace of mind throughout the entire process.

We offer guaranteed tick control to our neighbors located all over the area. Here are the communities we serve:

  • Burlington
  • Greensboro
  • Kernersville
  • Summerville
  • High Point
  • Guilford County
  • And throughout the surrounding areas

Ready to learn more about our treatment options? To get started with our tick control in Burlington, contact us today!