Lawn Weed Control in Greensboro

If you have a lawn, then lawn weed control is probably one of your biggest challenges. Just when you think you’ve gotten rid of stubborn dandelions, chickweed, crabgrass and clover – they come back, seemingly stronger than ever. Let the Greensboro, NC weed control team at Lawn Doctor of Greensboro help. We can take the frustration out of lawn weed control, give you more time in your day for other activities, and deliver a stronger, greener lawn where weeds aren’t a problem.

Why Weed Control Matters for a Healthy Lawn

Weeds don’t just change the look of your lawn. Some can even cause damage by competing with grass for light, water and nutrients. Not only that, but they can also act as hosts for certain diseases. What makes lawn weed control even more complicated is that no single herbicide or technique works against all of them. How you attack weeds depends on the types you have in your lawn, and whether they’re:extremely green grass that has been treated with lawn weed control services

  • Broadleaf or grassy. Typically, in the U.S., homeowners see weeds that fall into these two main categories. Grassy weeds, such as crabgrass, not only look similar to actual grass, but also grow under the same conditions. On the other end of the weed spectrum are broadleaf weeds. These include weeds such as dandelion, chickweed, purslane and wild violet.
  • Annual or perennial. When a weed grows in multiple times during one year, it’s an annual. A perennial, however, comprises those weeds that come back season after season, for several years. Perennials are typically more difficult to fight because they grow deeper roots in your lawn.
  • Cool-season or warm-season. Besides different lifecycles, weeds also have varying growing seasons. Some like cooler temperatures – and are considered cool-season weeds – while others thrive when the weather heats up.

Call in Lawn Doctor of Greensboro for Lawn Weed Control Help

Effective lawn weed control is certainly tricky business. There are so many factors that go into determining the right products and techniques to use, and when.

But when you off-load your weed control tasks to Lawn Doctor of Greensboro, you don’t have to worry about any of these treatments or techniques. We’ll handle the work for you, so you can get a healthier and better-looking lawn. From pre-emergent weed control that gets to weeds before they sprout up, to post-emergent and preventative measures, we offer a full spectrum of effective solutions. Best of all, at Lawn Doctor of Greensboro, every lawn weed control service is backed by the industry’s strongest guarantee.

Restore your lawn with our lawn weed control solutions, available to homeowners in Greensboro, as well as Burlington, Summerville, Kernersville and High Point, NC. To learn more or schedule a free estimate, simply call Lawn Doctor of Greensboro today at 336.497.4845.