Lawn Aeration in Burlington

extremely green grass after Lawn Doctor provided Lawn Aeration in Burlington.

Lawn aeration is necessary to keep your Burlington area lawn in top shape. This service leads to better air flow, which increases your lawn’s ability to get nutrients where they need to go. At Lawn Doctor of Greensboro, we offer this proven service to keep your lawn functioning properly.

When your grass endures a lot of activity, this can lead to soil compaction, which can severely restrict the dosage of nutrients into your root system. By pulling out cores of soil and removing surface thatch, we can get the air and nutrients flowing once again. Also, the removal of surface thatch cuts down on the potential environment of many pests and diseases, lowering the chances of serious problems for your grass.

This service is not only the best way to combat the effects of soil compaction, it is also a great way to increase the effectiveness of every other lawn care treatment. It’s pretty simple, when your roots are getting more nutrients, your grass has an easier time dealing with disease, pests, fertilization issues, and more.

The Benefits of Expert Lawn Aeration in Burlington

For the majority of lawns, aeration should be done around once per year. However, in cases where there is an excessive amount of foot traffic or rainfall, more frequent care can be the solution. Look out for pooling water or very firm soil as an indicator that your lawn needs help boosting air flow.

Our expert service will yield some amazing benefits for your yard, including:

  • Stronger growth
  • Healthier roots
  • Better water usage
  • Improved response to other treatments
  • Protection from disease, pests, and severe weather
  • And so much more!

Guaranteed Lawn Aeration in Your Area

With reliable methods, skilled professionals, and superior products like our Turf Tamer® equipment, Lawn Doctor of Greensboro is able to offer the best guarantee in our industry.

We are proud to deliver amazing service that creates the lush and thriving yard your home deserves. If you are ever unhappy with any part of our work, we will do all that we can to make it right.

Our services are available across:

  • Burlington
  • Greensboro
  • Kernersville
  • Summerville
  • High Point
  • Guilford County
  • And surrounding areas

To get more details about the benefits our expert lawn aeration brings to your Burlington home, contact us today.