Why Professional Lawn Care in Niceville Makes All the Difference for Your Yard

Father and daughter playing ball on a green lawn with trees in background showing professional lawn care in NicevilleProfessional lawn care is hard to compare to DIY lawn care because of the long list of key differences. DIY lawn care can produce widely varying results based on the products used and the amount of time and consideration put into treatment. When you choose professional lawn care, you can count on great results every time, as well as a carefully-planned treatment program that keeps your lawn healthier in the long run. At Lawn Doctor of Fort Walton Beach-Destin-Niceville, we implement this professional approach to lawn care to bring homeowners in the Niceville, Fort Walton Beach, Destin, Navarre, Santa Rosa Beach, and Crestview, FL areas lawns that they can be proud of without the exhausting yard work.

Our Professional Lawn Care Treatments in Niceville

Instead of implementing one or two cookie-cutter treatments, our professional approach to lawn care includes a comprehensive selection of different customized treatments and preventative measures designed to get your lawn back to 100% and keep it there throughout the entire year. Here are a few of those treatments:

pH Balancing. The amount of acidity in your lawn can be one of its most delicate characteristics, and it can also have a dramatic effect on its overall health. Your lawn’s pH balance affects how grass and other plants utilize the nutrients in the soil. Altering pH on your own can be a gamble, as a misstep can cause lasting damage to soil health. We use accuracy-driven pH balancing treatments that utilize advanced products to restore your lawn’s ideal chemical balances for maximum growth.

Weed Control. Controlling lawn weeds can be a tricky task for the average homeowner, as different weeds require different strategies to effectively address. Our team takes a comprehensive approach to weed control to drive out current weed populations and keep future populations from sprouting up in your lawn while leaving the rest of your lawn unharmed.

Fire Ant Control. Fire ants can mean more than just painful bites on your legs and ankles. These pesky insects can do a number on your lawn by eating through the root systems of your grass and other lawn plants. Our fire ant control treatments use both control and preventative techniques to eliminate fire ants in your yard and prevent them from returning.

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