Lawn Aeration in Fort Myers

When your grass isn’t growing healthy and strong – even with meticulous care – it’s often due to soil compaction and surface thatch. Both of these damage turf because they restrict nutrients, water, and air from reaching the root zone. In addition, soil compaction pressures roots, limiting the space they have to breathe and grow. When this happens, Lawn Doctor of Fort Myers can help. Our lawn aeration services, offered all over the Fort Myers, FL area, is the proven solution for combating compaction and thatch, improving the overall health and beauty of your lawn.

Aeration from Lawn Doctor of Fort Myers: What are the Benefits?

before and after picture of lawn aeration in Fort MyersIs your lawn the neighborhood hangout? Do you host regular parties in it? Are cars, trucks, and equipment frequently parked on it? All that foot and vehicle traffic can lead to compaction. When you add clay soil, heavy rainfall, and regular mowing into the mix, then you’re looking at a lawn in need of aeration.

Our approach to aeration is simple. We use our proprietary, industry-leading Turf Tamer® equipment to extract small plugs of surface thatch and soil from around your lawn. This method, known as core aeration, is the most effective because it creates pockets where oxygen, nutrients, and water can get absorbed and circulate freely within the soil. At the same time, it reduces the thatch and relieves the soil compaction hindering root development.

When soil is loosened up and surface thatch is lighter, your lawn will benefit in a few important ways. This includes with:

  • More air, nutrients, and water moving through to roots
  • More efficient use of fertilizer without run-off
  • Improved grass growth, thanks to a stronger, deeper-growing root system
  • Reduced surface thatch, and the pests and diseases that develop in it
  • Better tolerance to stress from the environment

Lawn Aeration Timing: When to Perform it & How Often

Timing is important when you want the best results from aeration. The ground should be moist, but not overly saturated. In addition, your grass types come into play since warm-season lawns common to the Gulf Coast region are best aerated in late spring, just before their active growth cycle. This ensures grass grows in quickly without weeds spreading.

At Lawn Doctor of Fort Myers, we can carefully evaluate your property and make recommendations for the best approach to aeration in terms of frequency. We’ll take into account soil quality, lawn health, and how you use your yard to create a custom schedule that keeps your soil in excellent shape, and your grass growing healthy and strong.

Beyond Fort Myers, our lawn aeration services are also available in the surrounding communities, such as Bonita Springs, Naples, Cape Coral, Sarasota, Bradenton, and Venice. Call (239) 768-9366 today to learn more with a free consultation.