Lawn Aeration in the Carroll County Area

green lawn with lawn aeration equipmentYou want to come home to a green, healthy lawn. But if yours is looking weak and ragged, it could be a sign aeration is in order. When yards experience heavy usage and foot traffic, the soil underneath gets compacted and thatch on the surface builds up. This suffocates grass roots and limits nutrient and water absorption. The end result isn’t pretty. The good news is that as local lawn aeration experts, Lawn Doctor of Carroll County, Reisterstown, Towson has the expertise and equipment to help. We can combat soil compaction, reduce thatch build-up, and achieve a stronger, healthier lawn.

How Aeration Benefits Your Lawn

lawn aeration core plugsThere are two different methods of aeration. One uses spikes on a roller to perforate your lawn. The other – core aeration – uses an aerator to punch out small plugs of soil throughout your lawn. This approach is more effective and longer lasting, which is why Lawn Doctor of Carroll County, Reisterstown, Towson relies on it for aeration. Once the process is complete, your lawn will benefit from:

  • More oxygen, water, and fertilizer absorption
  • Better heat tolerance
  • Stronger root system and more vigorous growth
  • Reduced soil compaction
  • A thicker, greener lawn

Telltale Signs of Soil Compaction

lawn aeration carroll county afterYou don’t need a PhD in lawn care to see the signs of soil compaction and thatch build-up for yourself. Some common ones include: thinning or bald spots, yellowing grass, and puddles of water that don’t get absorbed. If you don’t see these signs, but still suspect compaction, perform the screwdriver test. Stick a screwdriver into the ground and if you meet heavy resistance, then it’s likely your soil is compacted and needs to be aerated.

The Right Times for Lawn Aeration

At Lawn Doctor of Carroll County, Reisterstown, Towson, we know if you want to see thicker, greener grass with lawn aeration, then you have to perform it at the right time. For cool season grasses, it should be done in the fall or spring, when the grass is actively growing. This active growth cycle enables your lawn to quickly fill in the holes left behind by aeration. Fall is the best time to overseed behind aeration to help fill in thin lawn areas, we use only Blue Tag Certified seed, or you can spread seed yourself after we aerate your lawn.

Connect with the Carroll County Area’s Core Aeration Experts

lawn aeration equipmentWith Lawn Doctor of Carroll County, Reisterstown, Towson, you get all the benefits of core aeration – a healthier, stronger, better-looking yard – without all the hard work. In fact, you can expect to see a noticeable difference within the weeks and months following your lawn’s aeration.

Set up your free consultation with Lawn Doctor of Carroll County, Reisterstown, Towson today by calling 410.526.6400. Whether you live in Carroll County, or Towson, Reisterstown, or Sykesville, our lawn aeration services can help you attain the lawn of your dreams!

Lawn Doctor’s Power Seeding can help prevent these issues and make sure your lawn continues to flourish year round.