Tick Control in Everett

Closeup picture of a tick found prior to providing Tick Control in EverettAre ticks gaining ground in your yard? Bite back with tick control from Lawn Doctor of Everett-North Bothell. We can help control ticks and pests in Everett, Bothell, and local areas in WA. With our powerful solutions, we’ll keep them in check and ensure they don’t return. You’ll simply get to enjoy time outdoors without stressing about these disease-carrying pests.

How Our Yard Armour® Tick Control Works

Ticks carry a host of diseases, from Lyme to Rocky Mountain spotted fever and more. Not only that, but when they bite, you often don’t feel it, which is what makes them more dangerous. It’s why the best approach to controlling them is a proactive and ongoing one.

Lawn Doctor of Everett-North Bothell can help with our Yard Armour tick control program. We’ll keep ticks out of your lawn by:

Educating you on prevention. We know the ways ticks get into yards. We’ll evaluate yours and find its weaknesses. We’ll then explain strategies to make it less vulnerable, from mowing your lawn to cutting back trees and shrubs and pruning foliage. Putting up a barrier or fence that keeps tick-carrying animals, like deer, out is also helpful.

Controlling ticks with powerful applications. We’ll treat your lawn in popular areas where ticks are breeding and living. This ensures we’re able to reduce numbers as quickly as possible. Our products are also effective against ticks at all stages of their lifecycle. If you prefer, we can even offer natural products as an alternative to our traditional ones.

Maintaining protection. We’ll monitor your lawn during the whole season and apply additional barrier sprays. These ensure protection is not only strong, but long-lasting. You’ll be able to enjoy worry-free play time and fun outside with your family.

Tick Control in Everett, Backed by One of the Best Guarantees

At Lawn Doctor of Everett-North Bothell, we’ll examine your lawn and tailor our tick control services around it. This leads to exceptional results and the peace of mind that comes with a custom approach. If, however, you’re not happy for some reason, simply let us know. We offer a satisfaction guarantee on our treatments and promise to make it right.

With our tick control, you can enjoy life outside again. We offer guaranteed service in Everett, Bothell, Snohomish, Mukilteo, Mill Creek, and nearby areas in WA.

Contact us today to find out more about our tick control in Everett.