Lawn Aeration in Sandy Springs

From games of soccer and tag to busy family pets, all that activity can wear out your lawn. And it’s not only your grass blades taking a hit, but the soil down below, too. Heavy foot traffic, along with other variables – like dense, clay soil and annual rainfall – lead to compaction. This stresses roots, hinders their ability to breathe and take in nutrients and water, and can even lead to suffocation. That’s when homeowners in the Sandy Springs area should turn to one treatment: lawn aeration.

Lawn Aeration: The Benefits for Sandy Springs-Area Yards

All lawns will experience soil compaction and can benefit from aeration at some point in their lifespan. It’s simply a question of when. For instance, when you’re noticing signs like wilting or yellowing grass and water puddling after it rains, these point to compaction. In addition, if your soil feels hard and you can’t get a screwdriver into it with ease, then conditions are compacted.

Once soil is loosened up – and air, water, and nutrients can circulate back into the root system – your lawn will benefit in many important ways. This includes with:

  • Improved fertilizer, water, and oxygen uptake
  • Better conditions for roots to grow deeper and stronger
  • Less maintenance requirements, thanks to improved health and strength
  • Fewer issues with surface thatch, weeds, and diseases

Lawn Aeration Services: How Our Process Works

When you choose Lawn Doctor of Dunwoody, Duluth, & Norcross for aeration, you’ll get the most thorough approach. Our core aeration process works by coring out small soil plugs that are several inches deep and spaced evenly around your lawn. This simple act serves a variety of purposes:

  • It decompresses soil so compaction is alleviated and roots can breathe and spread out.
  • It creates channels for more water and nutrition to reach into the root system.
  • And it breaks up the thick layer of surface thatch that’s stifling growing grass.

At Lawn Doctor of Dunwoody, Duluth, & Norcross, we always recommend regular aeration to local customers in the Sandy Springs area. That way, you can avoid problems with compaction and heavy surface thatch in the first place. One of our technicians can come out to your property to assess soil quality and conditions, along with your grass type, to create a customized aeration schedule that meets your lawn’s specific needs. This ensures your lawn can recover and grow back as quickly as possible from aeration without weeds spreading.

Don’t take a DIY approach and risk a damaging mistake. Leave lawn aeration to the experts trusted in many local communities, including Sandy Springs, Dunwoody, Duluth, Norcross, Brookhaven, Chamblee, and Tucker, GA. A free consultation is just a call away at (770) 888-9838.