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Lawn Care in the Fall

As days shorten and temperatures descend, it becomes time to implement fall lawn maintenance to prepare your home for the upcoming winter, when your lawn goes dormant.

Fall Lawn Care Tips

Fertilizing (a part of our Lawn Maintainer Care program) is essential during these months. Fertilization of your lawn can provide an additional nutrient boost to be stored and used during the dormancy period. Throughout the winter, roots will keep growing and utilize these stored nutrients until the spring.

Power Seeding increases turf density. It improves the overall appearance and health of your yard. Lawn Doctor’s local fall lawn care services employ our Turf Tamer® power seeder, designed to dispense the exact correct seed amount without harming existing turf.

Power seeding in fall can also help the yard recover from the heavy use from the summer and has an effect on the way the lawn will look during the upcoming spring. The best natural defense against insect and weed damage is a dense lawn.

Fall is also a good time to aerate your lawn. Lawn Aeration fights grass compaction from summer traffic and promotes uptake of oxygen and nutrients.

If you see your lawn beginning to thin, you could also reseed the grass.

When leaves start falling, blow or rake the yard clean once per week at minimum. Making sure your yard is free of leaves not only improves appearance, but influences the health of your yard. Leaves block out sunlight, which your lawn needs in the fall as it stores up food for winter dormancy.

Fall is also a good time to contact Lawn Doctor to apply grub control and treat your lawn for other potential pests. Waiting for spring can have negative implications on your turf. Call the Lawn Doctor in your area for a FREE Lawn Evaluation to discover what could be hiding in your lawn.

Fall lawn care should also include winterizing your shrubs and trees. Some evergreens will experience extreme loss of moisture during the winter. Lawn Doctor’s fall yard care services can prevent moisture loss by applying special oil.

Fall Lawn Care Definitions

To review Fall Lawn Care tips and terminology, click the underlined links above to see our glossary of lawn care.

Fall Lawn Care for All Yards

Lawn Doctor’s Lawn Maintainer Care programs give most yards the basics they require and also the Lawn Custom Care service options to handle issues that are more serious.

For more information on fall lawn care tips, contact Lawn Doctor of Chuckey.