Lawn Seeding for a Lush, Green Lawn in Chattanooga

When Hollywood creates a lush backyard landscape, they love to use fake turf to give a look of fullness and bright, green grass. When you want the look of Hollywood perfect lawn, artificial turf simply won’t do. To get a lawn that is ready for its close up, you need professional lawn seeding services from Lawn Doctor of Chattanooga. Our lawn seeding services give you a healthy, rich, and lush lawn.

The Importance of Lawn Seeding

A dense, full lawn not only looks gorgeous, but it’s healthy. Lawn seeding services help your lawn defend itself against weeds and other invaders. Did you know that a dense lawn actually prevents weed growth? Weeds have a much harder time taking hold and grow in a lawn that is rich, dense and healthy. A healthy, lush lawn is also a natural defense system against common lawn pests. As your Chattanooga lawn ages, lawn seeding can bring it back to life, repair the weak areas, and eliminate the areas of dying grass.

Turf Tamer® Lawn Seeding

At Lawn Doctor of Chattanooga, when we perform a lawn seeding treatment, we use our exclusive Turf Tamer service to ensure full coverage without any damage to your pre-existing lawn. The lawn seeding also cultivates your soil by creating good seed to soil contact, improving your lawn’s health.

Lawn seeding can be a huge task, and is one best left for the experts. At Lawn Doctor of Chattanooga, our lawn seeding team is made up of local professionals from throughout the Chattanooga area. Because our team lives and works here in Chattanooga they have in depth knowledge of the variables affecting your lawn. From rain fall amounts to types of grass to the best times for lawn seeding, our team understands how to best treat your lawn so it will grow into the lush, green space you’ve always wanted.

lawn seeding a Chattanooga lawnThe experts you work with from Lawn Doctor of Chattanooga often suggest lawn seeding at a time when the warm days and cool nights combine with adequate rainfall to promote optimal germination to ensure the best development of your turf. Our team will also find the ideal times for lawn seeding that avoid key weed growth times so new growth is competing for space with weeds. As your lawn becomes more dense, there will be less space for weeds to grow and you’ll be able to enjoy a truly beautiful lawn.

For a free lawn evaluation, contact Lawn Doctor of Chattanooga today at 423-708-7900. Our lawn seeding services are available to homeowners in Cleveland, Ooltewah, Hixson, Ringgold, Signal Mountain, Lookout Mountain and throughout the Chattanooga area.

Lawn Doctor lawn aeration service can help prevent these issues and make sure your lawn continues to flourish year round.