Lawn Aeration in the Cary Area

Your lawn is a hub of activity. From kids playing to pets running and guests hanging out, it’s where you relax and have fun. But all that foot traffic is likely leading to soil compaction and thatch build-up, which can compress and suffocate roots. Luckily, you don’t have to put a stop to all the backyard fun. Just call in the aeration experts at Lawn Doctor of Cary-Apex. We know how to minimize compaction and thatch build-up so your lawn can breathe easy again.

How Can Aeration Help My Lawn?

extremely green grass after lawn aeration serviceWhen it comes to lawn aeration in the Cary area, there are two approaches to take. The first involves spikes on a roller that perforate your lawn. The second – which is longer lasting and produces better results – is core aeration. With this method, an aeration machine cores out plugs of grass, thatch, and soil. This helps break down compaction and thatch so that water, nutrients, sunlight, and air can penetrate the soil and reach the root zone. This leads to:

  • Stronger and deeper growing roots
  • More vigorous growth
  • A friendlier environment for beneficial microorganisms
  • A thicker, more luscious yard that looks and feels great

How Do I Tell if My Lawn Needs Aeration?

You don’t need to be a lawn care expert in Cary or Apex to spot the need for aeration. Simply look for standing puddles that run-off, rather than getting absorbed and thinning or bald spots in your lawn. Likewise, if you park vehicles in your yard or have clay soils, your lawn is a good candidate for compaction. Another way to check for soil compaction is with the screwdriver test. Just take a screwdriver and try to stick it into the ground. If it’s a challenge to get it in, it’s likely due to soil compaction.

When Are the Best Times to Aerate?

As local aeration experts, Lawn Doctor of Cary-Apex knows there’s a right and wrong time to aerate. Aerate at the wrong time and you could wind up damaging your turf. This is because the holes left behind by the aeration process won’t fill in quickly with new grass, leaving them susceptible to weeds, insects, and disease. Aerate at the right time, however, and you can achieve gorgeous results. For warm season grasses, that means later in the spring; for cool season grasses, the best times to aerate are in the fall and early spring.

Lawn Aeration from Lawn Doctor of Cary-Apex 

Don’t fight with an expensive or unwieldy lawn aeration machine on your day off. Instead, leave it to the experts at Lawn Doctor of Cary-Apex. Simply call us today at 919.362.1808 to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation. We provide lawn aeration services to customers in Cary, Chapel Hill, Wake Forest, Durham, and Apex.