Lawn Weed Control in the Carmel Area

When dandelions are creeping in and crabgrass is spreading out in lawns, it can be hard for the average Carmel, IN homeowner to know what to do in terms of lawn weed control. There isn’t one magic bullet solution that’s effective on all weeds. That’s why lawn weed control is often best left to professionals, like those at Lawn Doctor of Hamilton County.

Not only can we identify weeds and develop a custom treatment plan, but we can also determine any underlying factors that could be contributing to the problem. In the end, you can get a thicker, healthier, more beautiful lawn – guaranteed.

What You Need to Know About Weed Control

When it comes to lawn weed control, the best approach Carmel area homeowners can take is to maintain Close up of blades of lawn weed control grassa healthy lawn. When your grass is thick and roots are deep, weeds will have a hard time competing for the nutrients, sunlight and water they need to get started. However, if despite your best efforts, weeds are still popping up throughout your lawn, call in Lawn Doctor of Hamilton County. Our first step in the process is to identify the types of weeds taking over in your lawn.

In the U.S., for instance, weeds generally fall into one of two categories. Broadleaf weeds are those weeds like dandelion, clover, chickweed, and purslane that have flat, wide leaves. Some kinds, like wild violet, can even flower. The second category – grassy weeds – resemble the grass in your lawn, hence the name. These weeds grow under the same conditions as your grass and can therefore inadvertently benefit from the care and maintenance you deliver to your lawn.

Both broadleaf and grassy weeds can be either annual or perennial. If a weed is an annual, then it comes back several times in one year, but then dies off completely. If a weed is a perennial, it can keep coming back for many years, surviving through winter.

Likewise, weeds vary based on their growing season, too. Some weeds are cool-season, meaning they favor cooler temperatures from fall to spring. Others are warm-season and grow best in spring and summer months.

Get Lawn Weed Control Help from the Carmel Area Experts

Clearly, there’s a lot to consider when it comes to weeds in your lawn. But when you turn to the Carmel area experts in lawn weed control, you don’t have to wonder about which products are best to apply and when you should apply them. From our pre-emergent weed control that targets weeds before they can take root, to post-emergent and preventative measures, we can give you everything you need to minimize the likes of dandelion, clover, crabgrass – and many other weed types – in your lawn.

Interested in learning more? Call Lawn Doctor of Hamilton County today at 317.218.9933 for a free consultation and service estimate. Our lawn weed control solutions are available for customers in Carmel IN, including the surrounding areas of Fishers, Westfield, Zionsville and Noblesville.