Lawn Weed Control Service in Camp Hill

Pretty Woman playing with cute puppy on manicured green grass showing lawn weed control in Camp HillWhen you look at your lawn, you want to see green, lush grass, not a yard full of weeds. But when dandelion, clover, and crabgrass are taking over, what can you do? Connect with the local experts at Lawn Doctor of Camp Hill-Mechanicsburg. As lawn weed control professionals serving the Camp Hill and Mechanicsburg, PA areas, we know how weeds grow and how to suppress them, depriving them of what they need to survive. In the end, you’ll get a healthier-looking lawn that’s easier to maintain.

Lawn Weed Control: Types We Treat in Camp Hill

There are literally hundreds of different weeds that cause problems in Cumberland County lawns. That’s why, if you’re not an expert, it can be tough to get a handle on the problem. Instead, let the lawn weed control team at Lawn Doctor of Camp Hill-Mechanicsburg help. We can identify the species in your lawn, develop a custom treatment plan and schedule, and get to work controlling even the most aggressive types. Just some of the kinds we typically treat include:

  • Broadleaf weeds, such as thistle, dandelion, wild violet, and clover. These are characterized by wide leaves and a primary vein that runs through each.
  • Grassy weeds, like quackgrass and crabgrass. These can be hard to treat since they thrive under the same conditions as regular grass.
  • Perennial weeds, such as bindweed, dandelion, ground ivy, and horsetail, that come back year after year. They establish a strong root system in your lawn, so if you don’t get the entire structure out, they’ll simply come back.
  • Annual weeds, including purslane, speedwell, spurge, and yellow oxalis. These spread in your yard through seeds and only last a year, but can come back several times in it.

Lawn Doctor of Camp Hill-Mechanicsburg: About Our Weed Treatments

When it comes to weed control, there’s a lot to know. But when you leave the work to the lawn weed control team at Lawn Doctor of Camp Hill-Mechanicsburg, you can rest easy we’ll get the job done right. Not only do we know local weeds, how they grow and how to treat them, but we understand how your lawn’s health, soil quality, and our area’s growing conditions could be causing an overgrowth. We can suppress even the most daunting weeds, whether you have a serious problem or a small infestation. From pre- and post-emergent treatments to preventative measures, we’ve got you covered, start to finish.

Call Lawn Doctor of Camp Hill-Mechanicsburg PA today at (717) 774-2446 to learn more with a free lawn weed control consultation.