The Advantages of Hiring a Yard Care Service in Bowling Green

Pretty Woman playing with cute puppy on manicured green grass showing yard care service in Bowling GreenDo you know the exact right times of year to fertilize? What about when to control broadleaf weeds? Or what is the best aeration technique? If not – and you’re guessing at these and other treatments – it can lead to lackluster results or worse, damaging mistakes. Like so many other homeowners across the Bowling Green, KY area, avoid the risk and call in yard care service experts instead.

When you do, you don’t have to know the answers to these and other questions and can simply achieve greener grass and a lusher lawn, the easy way. Here’s how:

  • Local knowledge. Growing cycles, weather patterns in the Bowling Green area, and the topography and turf types in your lawn all play a role in its overall health. It’s a lot to understand, which is where a professional yard care service can help. Trained technicians understand these and other factors, so they can better deliver the right treatments at the ideal times of year.
  • Custom solutions. A generic approach to lawn care won’t yield the results you want. Rather than settling and doing it yourself, hire a yard care service and enjoy customized solutions instead. This simply means services will be designed and scheduled around your yard’s unique traits and trouble spots, as well as Southern Kentucky’s environmental conditions and growing seasons.

Get Started with Bowling Green’s Choice for Yard Care Service

Ready to take advantage of the above benefits and also get your nights and weekends back? It’s simple with the yard care service team at Lawn Doctor of Bowling Green. We will partner with you to provide honest answers, straightforward recommendations, and a personalized treatment plan. Rather than spending your precious down time treating, weeding, and aerating, you can kick back and breathe easier in a more beautiful-looking lawn.

We are proud to offer a wide range of services for our clients in the Bowling Green area. Some of our most popular services include fertilization, seeding, mosquito control, tick control, grub control, weed control, and aeration. We can help your lawn grow lush and green all year round.

Schedule your free yard care service assessment and estimate by calling Lawn Doctor of Bowling Green KY at (270) 846-1130.