Lawn Aeration in the Ocean City Area

Your lawn needs oxygen, water, and nutrients to stay healthy. But when soil gets compacted by kids, pets, heavy vehicles, and backyard party guests, grass struggles to take in enough of these essentials to thrive. What can you do? The answer’s easy: call in the Ocean City area’s aeration experts at Lawn Doctor of The Lower Eastern Shore. We can cut compaction, break up thatch, and get air, water, and nutrients flowing into your lawn again.

The How & Why Behind Lawn Aeration

extremely green grass after lawn aerationWhen it comes to lawn aeration in the Ocean City area, there are two methods to use: spike and core aeration. Spike aeration simply uses spikes on a roller to poke holes into the soil. Core aeration, on the other hand, uses specialized equipment to punch out small plugs of soil and grass in your lawn, breaking up compaction and thatch. This method is not only more effective, but also longer lasting too, which is why Lawn Doctor of The Lower Eastern Shore relies on it. Through this process, your lawn will benefit from:

  • Better air flow
  • Stronger, deeper roots
  • Improved heat and drought tolerance
  • Better nutrient and water absorption
  • More vigorous growth in the weeks and months after aeration

Determining if Your Lawn Needs Aeration

If you suspect soil compaction and thatch build-up, use this tried-and-true method for testing. Simply stick a shovel or screwdriver into your lawn’s soil. If it’s easy to get in, compaction isn’t a problem. If, however, it’s a struggle, your lawn likely needs to be aerated. Also, lawns with clay soils or that have vehicles parked regularly on top of them are more prone to soil compaction. You should also look for weak growth and puddling water that isn’t getting absorbed.

How to Time Lawn Aeration Right

As the Ocean City area’s aeration experts, Lawn Doctor of The Lower Eastern Shore knows lawn aeration delivers the best results when it’s timed just before your grass type’s active growing season. That way, holes will quickly fill in with new growth. For cool season grass, like ryegrass, fall and early spring are good times for lawn aeration. For warm season grass, such as Bermuda or Buffalo, late spring is the best time.

When to Call the Ocean City Area’s Lawn Aeration Experts

You could rent an expensive and hard-to-use aeration machine and spend your entire weekend on your lawn. Or, you could leave aeration to the Ocean City area’s trained professionals at Lawn Doctor of The Lower Eastern Shore. We have the proven people, processes, and equipment to perform aeration properly – and deliver beautiful results…guaranteed.

To learn more or schedule your free consultation, contact Lawn Doctor of The Lower Eastern Shore today at 410.641.3111. Our lawn aeration services are available for customers in Ocean City, Salisbury, Berlin, and the Eastern Shore of Maryland.