Lawn Aeration in Benton

Want to keep your lawn healthy and strong? Aeration is a must with soil compaction below the surface and thatch build-up above. Both issues prevent grass roots from getting necessary essentials, such as water, oxygen, and nutrients. On top of that, compaction also stresses roots as tightly packed particles pressure and even choke them. At Lawn Doctor of Benton-Bryant, we can help. With our lawn aeration services, available across the Benton, AR area, we can stop the struggle, prevent these problems in the future, and keep your lawn growing strong through every season.

Aeration from Lawn Doctor of Benton-Bryant: What are the Benefits?

Soil compaction happens when air pockets collapse in the soil. This can result from pressure created by foot traffic in your lawn and the use of heavy machinery or equipment. It’s also common in areas near walkways and driveways that get more use. Clay soil typically requires more frequent aeration, as well, when compared to other types.

With core aeration, we can loosen your soil using our leading-edge, exclusive Turf Tamer® equipment. It works by extracting small plugs of dirt, grass, and thatch a few inches deep from around your lawn. This effectively breaks up the heavy layer of thatch that’s blocking out vital resources. At the same time, it decompresses dense soil so grass roots have room to breathe again and absorb more necessities.

As a result, your lawn will have:

  • A deeper, more extensive root structure that better supports healthy growth
  • The ability to take in a higher level of fertilizer, air, and water more efficiently
  • Improved resistance to pests, diseases, and insects due to lighter surface thatch
  • Boosted tolerance to stress from the environment

Lawn Aeration: Why Choose Our Local Team?

Don’t waste your weekend renting an aerator and performing the job on your own. Instead, leave aeration to our experienced lawn team. Our approach is the industry’s most thorough and our equipment is proprietary and proven to deliver consistently beautiful results.

On top of that, you can always count on us for deep expertise. This includes with timing aeration properly – depending on whether you have cool- or warm-season grass. Cool-season lawns are best aerated in the beginning of spring or during fall; for warm-season grasses, later in the spring is the right time. This is just before the peak of the growth cycle, ensuring your lawn spreads over aeration holes quickly and recovers faster without aggressive weeds trying to take over.

Call Lawn Doctor of Benton-Bryant today at (501) 315-7775 to learn more and set up your free lawn aeration estimate in Benton, Bryant, or a surrounding community.