Lawn Weed Control in Bel Air: Stop Invaders with a Treatment Plan

Close up of blades of grass showing lawn weed control in Bel AirSpring is in the air and it’s time to enjoy life outside again. But if you’re like many homeowners in and around the Bel Air, MD area, it’s also a season for lawn weed control. The last thing you want are ugly intruders spoiling the health and appearance of your yard. With the right treatment plan, they don’t stand a chance. Here are some steps you can take to ensure your turf is best able to fend off this year’s attacks:

Step 1: Troubleshoot problem spots. From compacted soil and a pH imbalance to pests and diseases, these issues can lead to damage in your lawn, making it more prone to an infestation. To facilitate more favorable growing conditions, it’s important to identify them, for instance through a soil test, and treat them.

Step 2: Get ahead of a weed problem. During the early spring, before soil temperatures regularly get to around 65 degrees, apply a pre-emergent weed control product to your lawn. This will prevent grassy weeds from ever showing up. Use the forsythia bush to help guide your delivery. When you see buds, it’s time to apply.

Step 3: Feed your lawn to fuel growth and recovery. Your grass needs food to fight off weeds and remain healthy and strong. Typically, you should deliver around six to eight applications throughout the year. This first spring-time treatment will not only boost growth, but also help your lawn recover from winter and build up energy reserves for the summer heat ahead.

Step 4: Mow more frequently, keeping grass longer. It’s might be hard to acclimate to a lawn that’s longer; however, when you keep around 1/3 of the height with each cut, you’re going a long way in maintaining a healthier yard. Taller blades mean more surface area to produce energy for roots and leaves, leading to thicker, heartier grass. Not only that, but it also prevents weeds from getting much-needed sunlight to grow.

Bel Air’s Lawn Weed Control Team: Leave the Work to Us!

Want fewer weeds and more time in your day? The weed control professionals at Lawn Doctor Bel Air-Parkville can provide the answer. We offer an effective mix of treatments, from pre- and post-emergent control to fertilization, pH balancing, and aeration, all to get your turf on track for a more beautiful, less stressful growing season.

To learn more or schedule a free estimate, call Lawn Doctor Bel Air-Parkville today at (410) 836-8181. Our lawn weed control services are offered individually, as well as part of annual plans, across the Bel Air, Abingdon, Forest Hill, Parkville, Towson, and Nottingham, MD areas.